Mondo Dismo

Mondo Dismo

Kathleen Turners 'role in the romance The Stone refers to Michael Douglas' role as Mondo Desmo. What is Mondo-Dismo? 3

Mondo Dismo is a character in one of his books (Joan Wilders). He is referring to Mondo Desmo who is taking advantage of his female role in the books, taking his money when he gets lost, and Michael Douglas (Jack) is enjoying the fact that he is a She is a lost woman and is only helping him. Because he is willing to give you all the money (or traveler's check) he needs to help you.

I got it on IMDB.

You are Mondo-Dismo!

I ... What am I?

You are the man who took money from the missing woman!

Mundo is Italian to the world, I don't know what the literal translation of Desmo is.

Mondo Dismo