Mondeo Man

Mondeo Man,

Mondeo Man Definition:

  • An insulting term used by the average British man to live boring with a wife and two children in a Kent slum. It is also used to describe street vendors, many of whom drive Mundio cars.

Literal Meanings of Mondeo Man


Meanings of Man:
  1. A big man

  2. A male member of the board, team, etc.

  3. Forces vs. Regular Members of the Armed Forces.

  4. Husband, boyfriend or lover.

  5. A man associated with a particular person, place, activity, or job.

  6. An individual who is traditionally associated with men, such as courage, ease or toughness.

  7. A person who is being hacked or wanted by others, especially in connection with a crime.

  8. A waiter or server

  9. A subordinate

  10. Either way, either.

  11. Human race in general.

  12. A male individual

  13. A type of prehistoric human body taken from the place where the body was found.

Sentences of Man
  1. Twenty-six men and women took part in the study

  2. Men's Semi-Finals

  3. Behind the boardwalk, I saw a man and a boy trying to fly a kite on the beach.

  4. Last week I spoke to a man at the Hilton Hotel Bar in Addis Ababa.

  5. An Estonian man was arrested last week in Europe on charges of robbing hundreds of millions of online bank accounts.

  6. During the operation, police also arrested an 18-year-old man on suspicion of carrying a weapon.

  7. The driver was a sharp, bearded man in his forties.

  8. A wide smile spread across the man's face.

  9. The men with knives came to them and asked for earrings and necklaces.

  10. The biggest victim is the man of the decade.

Synonyms of Man

hired hand, partner, human beings, retainer, lover, valet, service men, labourer, men, employee, people, significant other, servant, admirer, service women, gentleman's gentleman, armed forces, attendant, hand, person, spouse, human, butler, gentleman, individual, amour, mankind