Mommy Dearest Meaning

Mommy Dearest Meaning

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It's from a movie in the same archive based on John Crawford's adopted daughter's book. John Crawford gave his daughter an AR and called her his lovely mother. People use it as a satire.

In the 1980's, there was a movie called Mommy Dehest, in which Joan Crawford played her adopted children Christine and Christopher. He asks her to call his beloved mother and she will be a very cruel mother of these children. She tied Christopher to the bed and Christine hit the wire hook.

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Waxy Dehust is a memorable and showy story written by Christina Crawford, the adopted daughter of actress John Crawford. The book was published in 1978.

This book is about Christina's relationship with her son and his mother.

A statement from Christina Crawford in the book:

Christina claims she lost a child during her mother's struggle with alcohol, including one of the women who worked for her mother.

The book reveals that Crawford was more concerned with his film career than the welfare of his four children, and suggests that he may have adopted them for promotional purposes.

In addition to Christina's long list of relationships with men, her uncles say, she suggests that her mother engage in extramarital affairs with other women.

Christina recalls several nights when Crawford's behavior was unbalanced and at least one meeting with her mother took place when Crawford physically picked her up. Christina takes some of the events described in the book from what she claims happened while her mother was searching her closet. Crawford discovered that some of Christina's clothes were hung on wire hangers instead of better quality hangers, and the infamous nine-wire hanger moment was reportedly launched.

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The term is used as a reverse complement to the abusive mother. The legendary film of the same name based on the memoirs of Christina Crawford, the adopted daughter of film star John Crawford.

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Mommy Dearest Meaning