Definition of Mold:

  1. Influence the formation or development of.

  2. Type of fungus that grows in moist and dark areas and spoils fabrics and food. Also spelled as mould.

  3. Form (an object) out of malleable material.

  4. A frame or template for producing moldings.

  5. Hollow cavity, form, or matrix into which a liquid or semi-liquid material is placed to take a desired shape upon cooling or drying.

  6. A distinctive and typical style, form, or character.

  7. A hollow container used to give shape to molten or hot liquid material (such as wax or metal) when it cools and hardens.

Phonetic Pronunciation of Mold


Origin of word Mold

Old English molde, from a Germanic base meaning ‘pulverize or grind’; related to meal.

Synonyms of Mold

Character, Nature, Temperament, Temper, Disposition, Cast of mind, Turn of mind, Mettle, Ectocarpales, Phaeophyceae, Platonic form, Platonic idea, Accommodate, Accommodate with, Accord, Acres, Adapt, Adapt to, Adenovirus, Adjust, Adjust to, Aerobe, Aerobic bacteria, Aesthetic form, Agree with, Algae, Alluvion, Alluvium, Amoeba, Anaerobe, Anaerobic bacteria, Anatomy, Animus, Aptitude, Arable land, Archetype, Architectonics, Architecture, Aroma, Arrangement, Art form, Assemble, Assimilate to, Attribute, Autophyte, Bacillus, Bacteria, Bacterium, Badge, Bake, Be guided by, Bean, Bend, Bent, Bias, Biodegradability, Biodegradation, Blast, Blight, Block out, Blood, Body-build, Bracken, Brand, Break up, Breakup, Breed, Brown algae, Bug, Build, Building, Cachet, Cancer, Canker, Carve, Cast, Casting, Character, Characteristic, Characteristics, Chase, Chime in with, Chisel, Clan, Class, Clay, Climber, Clod, Coccus, Coin, Color, Complexion, Comply, Comply with, Compose, Composition, Compound, Conceit, Conceive, Conceptualize, Concoct, Conferva, Confervoid, Configuration, Conform, Conformation, Constituents, Constitution, Construct, Construction, Correct, Correspond, Corrosion, Corrupt, Corruption, Crasis, Create, Creation, Creeper, Crumble, Crumble into dust, Crust, Cut, Decay, Decompose, Decomposition, Degradability, Degradation, Denomination, Description, Designation, Devise, Dharma, Diathesis, Diatom, Die, Differentia, Differential, Dilapidation, Dirt, Discipline, Disease-producing microorganism, Disintegrate, Disintegration, Disorganization, Disposition, Dissolution, Distinctive feature, Dream up, Dry land, Dry rot, Dust, Earmark, Earth, Eccentricity, Echovirus, Efform, Elaborate, Engrave, Enterovirus, Erect, Ethos, Evolve, Experience imaginatively, Extrude, Fabric, Fabricate, Fabrication, Fall in with, Fall into decay, Fall to pieces, Fancy, Fantasize, Fashion, Fashioning, Feather, Feature, Fern, Fester, Fiber, Fictionalize, Figuration, Figure, Filterable virus, Fire, Fit, Fix, Flavor, Follow, Forge, Forging, Form, Formalize, Format, Formation, Formulate, Found, Frame, Freehold, Fruits and vegetables, Fucus, Fudge together, Fungi, Fungus, Gangrene, Gear to, Genius, Genre, Genus, Germ, Get up, Getup, Glaze, Glebe, Go bad, Go by, Go to pieces, Grain, Gram-negative bacteria, Gram-positive bacteria, Grapevine, Grassland, Grave, Green algae, Ground, Gulfweed, Gust, Habit, Hallmark, Harmonize, Hatch, Herb, Heterophyte, Hew, Hue, Humor, Humors, Ideate, Idiocrasy, Idiosyncrasy, Ilk, Imagine, Impress, Impression, Inclination, Index, Indite, Individualism, Inner form, Insculpture, Intaglio, Invent, Ivy, Kelp, Keynote, Kidney, Kin, Kind, Knead, Knock out, Label, Land, Landholdings, Last, Lay out, Layout, Leaning, Legume, Lentil, Liana, Lichen, Lick into shape, Line, Lineaments, Lithosphere, Liverwort, Lot, Make, Make conform, Make up, Makeup, Making, Manner, Mannerism, Manufacture, Marginal land, Mark, Marking, Marl, Matrix, Mature, Meet, Mental set, Mettle, Microbe, Microorganism, Mildew, Mind, Mind-set, Mint, Modality, Mode, Model, Molder, Molding, Molds, Mortify, Moss, Moth, Moth and rust, Mushroom, Must, Nature, Necrose, Negative, Nonfilterable virus, Number, Observe, Odor, Organic structure, Organism, Organization, Originate, Oxidation, Oxidization, Parasite, Parasitic plant, Particularity, Patch together, Pathogen, Pattern, Patterning, Pea, Peculiarity, Persuasion, Perthophyte, Pest, Phylum, Physique, Phytoplankton, Picornavirus, Piece together, Plan, Planktonic algae, Plant families, Pot, Predilection, Predisposition, Prefabricate, Preference, Prepare, Proclivity, Produce, Production, Propensity, Property, Prototype, Protozoa, Protozoon, Puffball, Pulse, Punch, Put together, Put up, Putrefy, Putresce, Quality, Quirk, Race, Raise, Rankle, Real estate, Real property, Rear, Reconcile, Rectify, Red algae, Region, Regolith, Reovirus, Resolution, Rhinovirus, Rickettsia, Rockweed, Rot, Rough out, Roughcast, Roughhew, Rub off corners, Run up, Rust, Saprophyte, Sargasso, Sargassum, Savor, Sculp, Sculpt, Sculpture, Sea lentil, Sea moss, Sea wrack, Seal, Seaweed, Set, Set up, Settle, Setup, Shape, Shaping, Shoe last, Significant form, Singularity, Slant, Smack, Smut, Sod, Soil, Solder, Somatotype, Sort, Specialty, Species, Sphacelate, Spirillum, Spirit, Spirochete, Spoil, Spoilage, Spore, Stamp, Staphylococcus, Straighten, Strain, Streak, Streptococcus, Stripe, Structure, Structuring, Style, Subaerial deposit, Subsoil, Succulent, Suchness, Suit, Suppose, Suppurate, System, Tailor, Taint, Tally with, Tang, Taste, Tectonics, Temper, Temperament, Template, Tendency, Tenor, Terra, Terra firma, Terrain, Territory, Texture, Thallogens, The country, The like of, The likes of, Thermoform, Think up, Throw, Tissue, Toadstool, Token, Tone, Topsoil, Trait, Tribe, Trick, Trypanosome, Turn, Turn a pot, Turn of mind, Twist, Type, Variety, Vein, Vetch, Vibrio, Vine, Virus, Warp, Warp and woof, Way, Weave, Web, Weld, Whomp up, Woodland, Work, Worm, Wort, Wrack, Write, Yield, Determine, Direct, Control, Guide, Lead, Influence, Shape, Form, Fashion, Affect, Make, Cast, Die, Form, Matrix, Shape, Container, Shape, Form, Fashion, Model, Work, Construct, Frame, Make, Create, Configure, Manufacture, Design, Sculpt, Sculpture, Throw

How to use Mold in a sentence?

  1. The smith would pour the molten metal into the shaped mold.
  2. All the molds, masters or originals, had been kept for reference.
  3. He planned to conquer the world as a roving reporter in the mold of his hero.

Meaning of Mold & Mold Definition