Molar Mass Of Cucl2

Molar Mass Of Cucl2

How many ■■■■■ of CuCl2? 2H20? 3

The molarity of m can be determined by combining all the elements according to the atoms of m.

Cu (copper) = 63.55 amu

Cl (chlorine) = 2 x 35.45

H (hydrogen) = 4 x 1.01

O (oxygen) = 2 x 16.00

Add all of these and the molar M is 170.49. We can also say that m is 170.49 grams / mol or g / mol.

M tooth of Cucl2

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How many ■■■■■ of CuCl2? 2H20?

MM = 170.49 g / mol

Molar Mass Of Cucl2