Modo Cool Ar Condicionado

Modo Cool Ar Condicionado

What is the difference between Coal Command and Auto Command in split state? 3

I know that when I run the refrigeration command (cold mode), I control the split remote or similarly the internal temperature of the vapor changes to a user-defined temperature, for example 17 degrees if or local. The ambient temperature compressor is deactivated by a control or temperature sensor that holds the vapor, sends it to the compressor, which causes it to disconnect and turn on again when the interior exits. What would it look like in the end, should we program or command auto? When are you going to be unarmed and close your arms? They owe you a lot.

Depending on the condition, more:

> No Jetsu Number or Cold Dominant Mode; Fried or Air, No or Dry Dominant Mode; Dry Mode or Auto Arrow; One Combination or Two Cold & Dry Mode.

> No York:

Operation Cool (refrigeration), heating (heating) and only fan (ventilation)

1. For case or auto mode n ° or for comfort, you can manually set by cool, dry, heat (for devices like hat) or fan mode. To explain


2. Press or TEMP to set the desired temperature. There is no cool mode as set but good 21 ° C. There is no heat mode as a set.

Comfortable 28 ° C or less.

3. Press FAN SD (FAN SPEEDÃO) to select auto mode from AUTO, HIGH, MED (MED) or LOW (LOW).

4. Press the on / off button. The switching lamp turns on the air conditioner which starts the agreement you specify. Press again or the ON / OFF button to pause

This gives the operation unit. FAN can only be used to control model n ° temperature. Titles 1, 3 and 4 can be played this way.


1. Press or hold the mode button to select DRY.

2. Press the button or TEMP button to set the desired temperature between 21 ° C and 28 ° C.

3. Press the on / off button. At the beginning of e / or activation, a condition arises to activate DRY mode. To stop this process, either press the ON / OFF key again.


Due to the difference between the fixed temperature and the current indoor temperature or air conditioning or not, DRY mode is automatically enabled to use COLD and FAN mode multiple times.

Hi, as far as fresh Neeita gel or ament is concerned, according to you, quoted above. It already has an auto, face-like or parallel node to adjust the temperature as needed. For example, the cam takes into account the indoor temperature (ie, the outdoor temperature) to indicate that the working temperature is the maximum time. It prefers a comfortable temperature when you look at it. To be very happy, maybe not or will not meet your needs. Indicates when the user's power or device is being used to hibernate.

This number is only available when our device is cool.

No, frozen, not automatic.

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Modo Cool Ar Condicionado