Modified Life

Modified Life,

What Does Modified Life Mean?

  • Graded premium is another name for a lifetime, in which the insured receives a lower premium in the first year so that a higher premium can be charged later.

Literal Meanings of Modified Life


Meanings of Modified:
  1. Make partial or minor changes to (something)

Sentences of Modified
  1. He is probably ready to change his mind

Synonyms of Modified

reorient, vary, alter, make alterations to, amend, revise, make adjustments to, redesign, refine, reconstruct, redo, transform, remould, refashion, convert, revamp, reform, change, reorganize, adapt, recast, reorientate, remake, restyle, remodel, reshape, improve, adjust


Meanings of Life:
  1. A condition that distinguishes animals and plants from non-essential substances, including pre-death growth, reproduction, function, and the ability to change permanently.

  2. The existence of man or animal.

  3. The time between the birth and death of living human beings, especially human beings.

  4. Significance, power or energy.

  5. (In art) the representation of an article by a real model and not by the imagination of an artist.

Sentences of Life
  1. The essence of life

  2. A catastrophe that killed 266 Americans

  3. He spent his entire life in the countryside

  4. She is beautiful and full of life

  5. Your poses and clothes are taken from life

Synonyms of Life

duration of life, effervescence, bounce, sparkle, existence, drive, spirit, colour, enthusiasm, human being, go, vitality, being, exuberance, aliveness, buoyancy, animateness, soul, high spirits, liveliness, brio, animation, vivacity, threescore years and ten, individual