Modified Life Insurance

Modified Life Insurance,

Modified Life Insurance Definition:

  1. Routine life insurance policy in which the premiums are adjusted so that the premiums are less than the standard policies for the first 3 to 5 years and higher than the standard policies for the subsequent years.

  2. This type of life insurance has a relatively low premium in the first few years, but will increase in the coming years.

Literal Meanings of Modified Life Insurance


Meanings of Modified:
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Sentences of Modified
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Meanings of Insurance:
  1. An exercise or arrangement under which a company or government agency guarantees compensation for a particular loss, injury, illness or death in return for payment of a premium.

  2. Something to protect against possible emergencies.

Synonyms of Insurance

indemnity, indemnification, protection, financial protection, security, surety, cover, defence, safeguard, safety measure, shelter, precaution, provision, preventive measure, immunity