Modified Endowment Contract (MEC

Modified Endowment Contract (MEC,

Modified Endowment Contract (MEC means,

The life insurance policy where premiums are paid is much higher than permitted by federal tax law

Literal Meanings of Modified Endowment Contract (MEC


Meanings of Modified:
  1. Make partial or minor changes to (something)

Sentences of Modified
  1. He may be willing to change his mind

Synonyms of Modified

refine, reconstruct, redesign, make adjustments to, redo, adjust, restyle, alter, revamp, remake, rework, remodel, reform, reorientate, change, improve, refashion, transform, convert, reorganize, recast, revise


Meanings of Endowment:
  1. The act of giving to someone or something as a gift.

Sentences of Endowment
  1. Trying to support the foundation of the chair for psychology

Synonyms of Endowment

subsidizing, funding, financing


Meanings of Contract:
  1. Make formal and legally binding agreements.

  2. Catch or Prepare (Disease or Infectious Agent)

  3. Your debt

  4. Written or verbal agreements, including, but not limited to, employment, sales, or lease agreements that are intended to be legal.

Sentences of Contract
  1. When it cools, the glass contracts

  2. Local authorities will employ various agencies to provide services

  3. Three people infected with the deadly virus

  4. Loan 3,300

Synonyms of Contract

covenant, shrink, fall ill with, undertake, settlement, succumb to, acquire, get smaller, develop, pact, get, undertaking, catch, understanding, arrangement, promise, be taken ill with, become smaller, be struck down with, be stricken with, become liable to pay, come down with, pick up, pledge