How Do You Define Modeling?

  • Modeling means: Design and manipulate mathematical representations of economic systems or corporate financial applications to study and predict the effects of change.

Meanings of Modeling

  1. Dummy work

  2. The art or activity of three-dimensional modeling.

  3. Design or use abstract or mathematical models to simplify calculations and predictions.

Sentences of Modeling

  1. Have you ever considered a modeling career?

  2. Classes include natural design and clay modeling

Synonyms of Modeling

composition, modelling, putting together, creating, formation, invention, building, assembly, manufacture, moulding, forming, mass production, construction, fabrication, manufacturing, forging, producing, production, creation

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Modeling Meanings:

  1. Design and maintain a mathematical representation of a company's financial system or financial applications so that the effects of change can be detected and communicated.

Meanings of Modeling

  1. A fashion or shape (three-dimensional image or item) of flexible material such as clay or wax.

  2. (System, method, etc.) as an example or to follow.

  3. Representation of (a trend or system), specifically a mathematical design.

  4. (Clothes) when they are worn.

  5. Fake work

  6. Three-dimensional modeling activities

  7. Design or use of abstract or mathematical models.

Sentences of Modeling

  1. Use coverage to model your home.

  2. Research methods are based on previous work.

  3. A computer program that can model smoking behaviors.

  4. The dress is made by a celebrity.

  5. Have you thought about a modeling career?

  6. Classes include nature drawing and clay modeling.

  7. Macroeconomic model and policy analysis


Data modeling is a process used to define and analyze the data requirements needed to support business processes within the relevant information systems in organizations. Therefore, the data modeling process involves professional data modellers who work closely with business stakeholders and potential users of the information system.

Create and manage a mathematical representation of an economic system or financial application to study and predict the impact of change.

Meanings of Modeling

  1. A shape (three-dimensional figure or object) made of a malleable material such as clay or wax.

  2. (system, procedure, etc.) as a role model or emulation.

  3. Make a representation, especially mathematical, (of phenomena or systems).

  4. (Clothes) to show by putting them on.

  5. Model work.

  6. Activities for the manufacture of three-dimensional models.

  7. Development or use of abstract or mathematical models.

Sentences of Modeling

  1. Use frosting to model a house.

  2. A computer program that can simulate the behavior of smoke.

  3. The dresses were modeled by celebrities.

  4. Have you ever thought about a career as a model?.

  5. Lessons include nature drawing and clay modeling.

  6. Macroeconomic Modeling and Policy Analysis.