Model-driven Packaged Applications

Model-driven Packaged Applications

Model-driven package applications refer to business applications that have models based on explicit metadata of supported processes, data, and relationships, and generate runtime components using metadata models that are dynamically interpreted or compiled rather than coded. The main difference is that business analysts or power users can modify models without the involvement of programmers, bridging the gap between business requirements and technical implementation, often leading to loss of translation phenomena.

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Meanings of Model:
  1. Simplified view used to explain how a real system or event works.

  2. Any copy or likeness, more or less exact.

  3. A show that is visible to others, especially when it comes to wearing clothes as a model.

Sentences of Model
  1. The team has developed a robust business model.

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Meanings of Packaged:
  1. For a tour package.

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  3. They did it in a package.


Meanings of Applications:
  1. The act of applying or applying in the true sense of the word.

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  4. The act of directing or pointing to a particular case, finding or illustrating agreement or disagreement, ease or convenience.

  5. A computer program or set of software that is viewed by the end user as a whole as a resource for a specified purpose. (Also called: application software application).

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  7. (Bureauucracy) A request, petition or other request, with an addition to identify the object.

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  10. A kind of craft application.

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Model-driven Packaged Applications