Model Act

Model Act,

Model Act: What is the Meaning of Model Act?

  • A simple definition of Model Act is: The bill, drafted by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAEC), sets the standard for state adoption.

  • The law, developed by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), sets the standards for states.

Literal Meanings of Model Act


Meanings of Model:
  1. Usually three-dimensional representation of a proposed person, object or structure on a smaller scale than the original.

  2. A system or thing that is used as an example to follow or imitate.

  3. A simple explanation of a system or process, especially mathematics, to facilitate calculations and predictions.

  4. Someone who is busy showing off their clothes

  5. Specific product designs or versions.

  6. Fabrics or shapes (figures or three-dimensional objects) made of impermeable materials such as clay or wax.

  7. Use for example (system, method, etc.) to imitate or imitate.

  8. Imagine representing a particular mathematics of a (state system or system)

  9. Show on clothing.

Sentences of Model
  1. Model of St. Paul's Cathedral

  2. The law has become a model for dozens of laws banning irrational plastic products.

  3. Statistical models to predict the survival rate of endangered species

  4. A vessel

  5. Transform your car into a new model

  6. Use coverage to model your home

  7. The research method is based on previous work

Synonyms of Model

replica, copy, representation, mock-up, dummy, imitation, double, duplicate, lookalike, reproduction, prototype, stereotype, archetype, type, version, style, fashion model, supermodel, mannequin, design, mark


Meanings of Act:
  1. Appearance.

  2. The written rules of Congress or other legislatures form the law.

  3. The core of a play, ballet or opera.

Sentences of Act
  1. He called on Washington to act

  2. They follow the person who is acting suspiciously

  3. Blood samples are tested to determine how the drug works in the body.

  4. He played his first professional role at the age of six

Synonyms of Act

take action, take steps, take measures, take the initiative, move, make a move, react, do something, proceed, go ahead, behave, function, perform, affect, have an effect on, influence, exert influence on, work on, have an impact on, impact on, alter, change, modify