Definition of Mode:

  1. In statistics, data is distributed in many ways. The most commonly mentioned distribution is the classic normal distribution (bell curve). With these and other divisions, the average comes to the midpoint, which also represents the maximum frequency of the observed values. For such a distribution, this is also the value mode, the value that is most frequently present in the data.

  2. Format is the number that appears most often in the record. A series of numbers can have one mode, more than one mode or no mode at all. Another popular measure of the central trend is the average of a set and the median is the median of a set.

  3. Average type refers to the most common or common values ​​in a series of data. For example, circuit mode is 1, 2, 2, 3, 4, 4, 4, 5, 5, 6, 4 because these are the only values ​​that appear three times. Each series may or may not have one mode or two modes (called a modal series) or multiple modes (called a multimodal series). In the frequency distribution diagram, the peaks represent the methods.

Synonyms of Mode

Significant form, Enthymeme, Optative, Lydian mode, Grandiloquence, System, Obligative, Manner of speaking, Turn, Peculiarity, Indian mode, Personal style, Paralogism, Hypoaeolian mode, Greek modes, Bon ton, Technique, Tenor, Manner, Rule, Way, Platonic form, Octave species, Trend, Conditional, Practice, Modality, The drill, Look, Condition, Fad, Strain, Aristotelian sorites, Bearings, Swim, Proper thing, Prototype, Rhetoric, Mood, Course, Aeolian mode, Tone, Stylistics, Mode of operation, Mannerism, Standard operating procedure, Archetype, Order, Method, Station, Spot, Hypodorian mode, Raga, Rage, Major mode, Set, Aesthetic form, Figuration, Minor mode, Routine, Haute couture, Configuration, Lot, Indicative, Predicament, Feeling for words, Inflation, Vogue, Grace of expression, Art form, Chic, Fashion, Modus tollens, Procedure, Pickle, Style, Syllogism, Affectation, Guise, Rank, Authentic mode, Set-up, Plagal mode, Status, Proceeding, The way of, Format, Pass, Modus, Goclenian sorites, The plain style, SOP, Hypophrygian mode, Cry, Stamp, Position, Complexion, Form of speech, Hypolydian mode, Case, Footing, Situation, Location, Hindu mode, Jam, Figure, Layout, Tack, Form, Frame, Dorian mode, Rule of deduction, Sense of language, Formation, Inner form, Model, Permissive, Imperative, Phrygian mode, Convention, Conformation, Hypoionian mode, Make, The grand style, Standing, Manner of working, Dilemma, Trick, Potential, Prosyllogism, Means, Line, Lines, Makeup, Vein, Build, Stream of fashion, Mode of expression, MO, Attack, Cut, Locrian mode, Sorites, Shape, Platonic idea, Posture, Process, Literary style, Type, Modus operandi, Algorithm, Expression of ideas, Mold, Circumstance, Structure, Mode of procedure, State, Plight, Mixolydian mode, Categorical syllogism, Jussive, Pattern, Fix, Craze, Hypolocrian mode, Genre, Wise, Furore, Methodology, Prevailing taste, Line of action, Stylistic analysis, Place, High fashion, Impression, Cast, The sublime, Subjunctive, Exaggeration, Pseudosyllogism, The how, Custom, Command of language, Estate, Hypomixolydian mode, Matrix, Approach

How to use Mode in a sentence?

  1. In statistics, the format is most commonly seen in a set of statistics.
  2. For general distribution, fashion also has the same and intermediate values.
  3. James's new camera has so many settings that it used to be a lot, but after a little practice, he figured out how to adjust all the camera settings.
  4. After reviewing his business finances, the accountant found that the number of items most frequently purchased by buyers was seven, which is the average number of sales.
  5. The most common age in this South American country is eighteen years old, and the fashion style of the youth has made it a place where nightlife is more popular than television.
  6. In most cases, the mode is different from the data average.

Meaning of Mode & Mode Definition

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What is The Meaning of Mode?

  1. Mode is the most common value found in datasets. Datasets cannot have one mode, multiple modes, or no mode at all. Other popular measures of the central trend mean a set, or middle, and middle, a set of middle.

    • In statistics, the mode is the most viewed value in the dataset.
    • The mode for normal distribution is also compatible with the middle and middle.
    • In most cases, the mode will deviate from the middle in the data.

Meanings of Mode

  1. The way something happens or is experienced, expressed or done.

  2. Fashion or dress style, artistic, literary etc.

  3. The value that often appears in a given record.

  4. A collection of musical notes that form a scale and create melodies and harmonies.

Sentences of Mode

  1. Your preferred method of delivery is caking.

  2. In the 70's, sportswear fashion was predominant.

  3. Figure 4 shows the mode error and standard error for the series of apple stem and rhizome types, or the most common length of peels.

  4. The language of the music is arranged, the melodies and harmonies are based on the old-fashioned and pentatonic scale of Finnish folk music.

Synonyms of Mode

current style, latest taste, latest thing, centre, midpoint, median, latest style


How To Define Mode?

  • Mode is the most common value found in datasets. Datasets cannot have one mode, multiple modes, or no mode at all. Another measure of the central trend is the middle of a set and the median, the median of a set.

    • In statistics, the mode is the most viewed value in the dataset.
    • The mode for normal distribution is also compatible with the middle and middle.
    • In most cases, the mode will deviate from the middle of the data.

Meanings of Mode

  1. Fashion or dress style, art, literature, etc.

  2. The most common value found in a given dataset.

Sentences of Mode

  1. Caking is your preferred means of delivery.

  2. Sports fashion was very important in the 1970s.

Synonyms of Mode

general tendency, dernier cri, current/latest style



Mode definition is: Mode is the most common value in datasets. A dataset can have no single mode, multiple modes, or no mode at all. Another measure of the central trend is the mean of the set and the median, the median of the set.

  • In statistics, mode is the most common value in datasets.
  • In a normal distribution, the mode also corresponds to the middle and median.
  • In most cases, the mode will deviate from the middle of the data.

Meanings of Mode

  1. The most frequent value in a given dataset.

  2. A set of musical notes that form a scale and create melodies and harmony.

Sentences of Mode

  1. Your preferred mode of transportation is caking.

  2. Sportswear fashion was very important in the 1970s.