Mocosa In English

Mocosa In English

What does bad boy mean in English and why do my friends call me that? 3

My friend is from Mexico and sometimes he uses the word bad boy as his nickname ... and all I can find is ... is there any cultural difference here or is it just stupid?

This is a Spanish word and in all online translations its meanings are t. Maybe I hurt you too much.


Mocosa In English

Mocosa In English

Brat usually means T (female).

It can be used in different ways, but there are basically two ways, either in a good way: it means you have been spoiled and loved, or in a rude way. Not too rude or cruel), it just means to be bad. . Or smaller? Girl

It depends on the tone of voice, the sweetest voice or just the language, but it can be less pleasant.

In your case, that means he really likes your treatment! Which helps a little bit, for example.

I mean, sweetheart, I can play.

Brett means you.

Naughty (female) Naughty (male) When referring to a child, it means tenacity.

When used as a negative term, it means something like ... stupid, naughty t.

Brat refers to a boy between the ages of 12 and 14 who is older than himself or who wears nice clothes and thinks he knows everything.

The real meaning of girl is t, whether you use it in a familiar or ridiculous way, it is always the same.

I mean like a girl!

Mocosa In English