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Mobile Home,

Mobile Home: What is the Meaning of Mobile Home?

Terms are often used for prefab houses, but they should not be exchanged. Mobile home is a term that refers to homes built before the introduction of federal manufacturing and manufacturing home safety standards (also called HUD codes). By 1976, prefabricated houses had been built according to these construction and safety standards. Some insurers may offer prefabricated home insurance, but not RVs.

To be insured under the National Flood Insurance Program, mobile homes must be on a permanent basis and meet the site-related mortgage requirements. See definition of prefabricated home [mobile home].

Literal Meanings of Mobile Home


Meanings of Mobile:
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  6. An industrial and port city on the south coast of Alabama, with a total population of 191,022 (since 2008). The Gulf of Mexico is located at the end of Mobile Bay.

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Meanings of Home:
  1. A place where you live permanently, especially as a family or household member.

  2. A place for people who need professional care or supervision

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Mobile Home,

Mobile Home Meanings:

A term commonly used for sampling. Terms should not be used interchangeably. Mole Me is the term used to refer to my design during the introduction of Federal Manufactured Me Building and Safety Standards (also called HUD Code). In 1976, my factory needed to bring these buildings up to safety standards. Some insurers may offer man-made disaster insurance policies, but not moles.

To be eligible for National Insurance Program coverage, a mole must be permanent and must meet the specific requirements of the site. Look at the (soft) compliment I gave.

Literal Meanings of Mobile Home


Meanings of Mobile:
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Meanings of Home:
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Synonyms of Home

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