Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are software that are downloaded and run on mobile devices. Apps can serve a variety of purposes: social networking, maps, gaming, shopping, and more.

Literal Meanings of Mobile Apps


Meanings of Mobile:
  1. Kinetic sculpture or decorative arrangement of hanging objects such that they can move independently of each other.

  2. Internet access via mobile devices.

  3. Something that can move.

  4. Movable, especially on wheels.

  5. Family member or through a mobile phone agency.

  6. Characterized by extreme levels of fluidity, movement or flow with great freedom.

  7. Easily irritated by constantly changing irritable feelings, intentions, or directions.

  8. Change of appearance and expression under the influence of the mind.

  9. Can move, agitated or agitated, and capable of spontaneous movement.

  10. A mobile phone connects to the telephone network by transmitting radio waves.

Sentences of Mobile
  1. There are many business opportunities in the mobile space.

  2. Movil house.

  3. Mobile Internet.

  4. Mercury is a mobile liquid.

  5. Mobile features.

Synonyms of Mobile

excitable, fickle


Meanings of Apps:
  1. An application (program), especially small, designed for a mobile device.

  2. Application (use, target is not a computer program).

  3. Application (to college, etc.).

  4. In-game appearance (for example, a player with 10 applications played 10 times in a season).

Mobile Apps