Moaning Sounds Text

Moaning Sounds Text

Write to you with a moan? 3

Hahaha, my friend and I complained and we wrote to each other, he said.

Oh !! Ah ah ah ah ah

Ha ha! Idk w ..:] bt This is just a question for you guys to answer ..

:] Can you help me .. or just tell me how you are crying ..:]

I have.

Ahh...? ... possible

ooooooooohhhhhhhh :) This is probably the favorite of the fans.

Oh oh


* Laugh *

The effect of moaning sound

No. 24,

To send text messages, I usually use ugh. And sometimes I extend the word depending on the situation.

But I helped!







This is what I use. No, I'm not complaining about the text. I play a role. Enjoy :)

oohhhhhhh yyyeeeaaaaa gggiiiivvvee uuutt tttooo mmmeeee good and ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ it

Mm ... ??? Wow, I can't believe you asked that

Moaning Sounds Text