Definition of MM:

  1. Millimeter(s).

  2. Traditional abbreviation for million. In Roman number system, it equals two thousand.

How to use MM in a sentence?

  1. In a word, MM shows the focal length. But I�m sure you wanted to learn much more than that. You want to know what focal length means and how an understanding of it can improve your photography. As you have probably noticed, a lot of different lenses have different focal lengths. Some of them have a range of focal lengths, like 18MM to 55MM while others have a single fixed focal length. We call the lenses that cover a range of focal lengths �zoom� lenses, because you can easily.
  2. Many rich people have said that it is much harder to get that first MM than it is to get any of the following MM s they made.
  3. I could not tell how many mm were in one cm because I never listened in class and talked to the girl I liked instead.

Meaning of MM & MM Definition