Mixing Red And Blonde Hair Dye

Mixing Red And Blonde Hair Dye

What if I mix red and blonde? 3

I wanted to combine a very light blonde with a bright and bright red. What exactly will happen, what color will it be?

Any suggestions would be great, thanks!

They will look like a cross between a hamster and a hedge.

First of all, I'm not going to combine two different hair colors just because blonde hair contains bleach and other chemicals, and red hair color can contain different chemicals and some of them. Mixing these chemicals into hair can be devastating. Learn what can happen to your hair. So everything can go very well. Personally I advise against this idea ... I suggest that you dye your hair first in light blonde and then pink or vice versa ... the chances of a more beautiful / safe result are much better Are Just say that

Depending on how you mix it, you can get a mixture of orange or red and thick blonde. Remember, it can be easy to buy a shade close to your desired color.

I think combining the two tones really makes for a weird orange or maybe green or hue. It's just the nature of two different chemicals that react with each other. You can try on a wig.

Don't do it with your hair.

It doesn't matter if they are the same and just make a beautiful orange, but not separately, because a chemical reaction can damage your beautiful hair. I just want to use orange.

Darker colors predominate and lighter colors come out more easily. You want a 0.5% discount on pink so that the blonde color has a significant effect.

Mixing Red And Blonde Hair Dye

Mixing Red And Blonde Hair Dye

I'm not sure, but just one tip, my girlfriend mixed her blonde hair into her blue and green hair: P and had to cut it like this, it was just a thought x

You will probably end up with orange. So you have two cices ... either you are Kilo or you can leave Rocker! MDR !!! The only thing!

It's usually too long for me. I think it depends on the boy and his stressed face. Some men can easily pull out their long hair and some can't.

I think blonde hair is really great, but brother's hair can be great. The hair never really existed. It's very boring and flattering on some skins. Blonde hair looks better with blue eyes.

Many people like their hair, but not everyone likes blonde hair.

Mixing Red And Blonde Hair Dye