Mix Tiles Reviews

Mix Tiles Reviews

How mixets are attached to the wall

  1. Glue, glue again and glue again. These tiles stick to the wall just as easily as a fridge magnet. With their patented adhesive backing and special design that actually uses the weight of the frame to adhere to the wall, you don’t have to worry about them falling off.

So we can also ask ourselves: are Mixtiles real?

The quality of the glue is good: the mixes adhere very well to the walls and are not very difficult to remove.

Do you also destroy the walls in Mixtile?

No damage to the walls, so no money wasted! As Mixtiles goes ahead and peels off the wall evenly with its sticky ribs, it won’t leave any damage on the wall.

What glue does Mixtiles use for this?

Re: DIY Mixtiles Unframed Photo Prints I used spray glue first but it was messy. I actually switched to the brush applied Podge mod and it was much easier without bubbles.

How many times can you glue Mixtiles together?

That’s why we have created a special glue that allows you to move, adjust and reload Mixtiles at least two dozen times without damaging your walls. Go ahead, change it with the seasons.

Do the mixes fall out?

Great service and great concept. However, I am a little disappointed with the glue. After hanging a bunch of mixers on a particular wall, I decided to move them. Unfortunately they continue to fall.

Does Mixtiles have a frame?

Each tile measures 8 “by 8” and is available in a variety of frame options. The real test is to see if the tiles leave any damage once glued and glued to the wall. Each frame has an adhesive strip on the back. Check out our review to see Mixtiles in action!

Can the blends be reused?

The mixes are removable, reusable and won’t damage your walls!

Where is Mixtile?

Mixtiles is an international company.

How much does PhotoSquared cost?

Are the mixes good?

Tracy Cloud recommends Mixtiles.

Who do the Mixtiles belong to?

David is the founder and CEO of Mixtiles. He founded two companies and was named one of Israel Tech’s 100 Most Influential People. Mixtiles make it easy to decorate walls with your photos. The company has tens of thousands of customers and all employees work from home.

How much does Easytiles cost?

You pay a flat shipping fee of 7.99 per order. The number remains the same regardless of the number of passport photos ordered. You pay 9 each for additional photo tiles (starting with the others in a given month).

How big are the mixtiles?

8 x 8

Mixtile adheres to textured walls?

What are photo cards?

Photo tiles are a great way to turn your photos into beautiful and affordable murals. These tiles are printed with durable wooden frames and are a perfect size of 8 “by 8”. Each passport photo comes with masking tape that allows you to attach it to the wall and remove it without leaving marks or using nails!

Send Mixtiles to India?

We deliver to India! You can order from our website or download the Mixtiles app for free from the App Store or Play Store!

Ship Mixtiles to Canada?

Do @mixtiles ship to Canada?

We do!

What could be cheaper than Mixtiles?

  • PhotoSquared + Pix stick print. PhotoSquared Print + Stick Pix is ​​one of the best Mixtiles alternatives that allows you to easily print and view your favorite photos on canvas.
  • MeshCanvas.
  • Monument.
  • Free photoblend fusion.
  • Image processing of the photographic laboratory.
  • In condition.
  • Photo collage.
  • First photos from Amazon.

How do things stick to the walls without leaving a trace?

How do I mount photos on an unframed wall?

Use washi tape to make your frames.

Who is that girl in the Mixtiles ad?

Mix Tiles Reviews