Mittens In Spanish

Mittens In Spanish

What are gloves in English? 3

Gloves (like baby gloves) means gloves ...

However, we wear gloves regularly, which results in gloves ...

Baseball gloves mean gloves ...

Mitone in spanish

In Mexico we don't differentiate between gloves and gloves, when you say gloves are both gloves, people will not think that you are talking about gloves, or gloves are for something that is handy. Used in space or in its form. A glove glove, but not gloves or gloves with a special translation.

I don't think there is a Spanish word for gloves, but gloves are called gloves.

The word for glove is MITTING.

The word is used for gloves used in cold weather and also what we use on cans ...

Mittens In Spanish

Mittens In Spanish

"Gloves, but as I said there is no practical difference between gloves and gloves, we still wear gloves," he said.

And gloves are what baseball catchers wear.

Gloves, gloves

Mittens In Spanish