Mitigating Circumstances

Mitigating Circumstances,

What is Mitigating Circumstances?

  1. Mitigating Circumstances definition is: Facts that do not justify or justify a crime, but can be seen as reasons to reduce the degree of crime.

Literal Meanings of Mitigating Circumstances


Meanings of Mitigating:
  1. The effect is to make a bad thing less serious, serious, or painful.

Sentences of Mitigating
  1. This should have a moderate effect on the frequency of small floods.

Synonyms of Mitigating

lull, sweeten, blunt, allay, help, attenuate, dilute, temper, remit, modify, soothe, soften, lighten, extenuate, tone down, damp, assuage, quell, dull, placate, abate, moderate


Meanings of Circumstances:
  1. Related to events or situations or related to an event or action

  2. Your financial situation or material well-being.

  3. Events and public performances.

Sentences of Circumstances
  1. We want to get married, but circumstances do not allow

  2. Artists live in low conditions

  3. Dignity and state

Synonyms of Circumstances

how things stand, position, situation, the lie of the land, the particulars, material status, material situation, the picture, set of conditions, station in life, the case, financial situation, the details, the facts, things, how the land lies, financial status, material position, financial position, conditions, lifestyle, lot, state of affairs