Definition of Mist:

  1. Water droplets are small clouds that float above or around the Earth's surface, but are smaller than the dense fog, which lasts more than a kilometer.

  2. Thin droplets are suspended in the gasia medium.

  3. Cover or cover with mist.

Synonyms of Mist

Mumbo jumbo, Embarrass, Spirit, Fog up, Becloud, Darken, Steam up, Rainwater, Bemist, Become blurred, Muddle, Fogginess, Addle, Bewilderment, Wet, Flutter, Bedazzle, Amorphousness, Befuddlement, Unclarity, Rain, Overcast, Tizzy, Disorder, Ball up, Drizzle, Ruffle, Muddlement, Perplex, Cloud over, Sheet of rain, Perturbation, Shuffle, Shower, Ether, Cloudiness, Precipitation, Patter, Spray, Cloud up, Scotch mist, Raise hell, Bewilder, Murk, Become misty, Oversmoke, Dark, Unsettle, Scotch mist, Film over, Haar, Splatter, Pucker, Flurry, Smog, Nubilate, Unfrozen hydrometeor, Mess, Gauze, Unclearness, Obscure, Rainfall, Discomposure, Entangle, Mix up, Peasouper, Perturb, Cloud, Evening mist, Botheration, Rattle, Misty rain, Dim, Discombobulate, Drizzle, Addle the wits, Cloud over, Indistinctness, Bother, Steam up, Sweat, Pea-soup fog, Vapor, London fog, Upset, Blood rain, Smog, Haze over, Confuse, Discomfit, Fuss, Maze, Drisk, Airy nothing, Frost smoke, Defocus, Put out, Daze, Fog, Disturb, Fluster, Discomfiture, Disturbance, Moider, Stew, Enmist, Shadow, Flummox, Sprinkle, Obscuration, Mistiness, Clabber up, Befuddle, Fall, Disorganize, Discompose, Mizzle, Become covered with condensation, Cloud, Lose resolution, Disorient, Jumble, Pother, Shapelessness, Mystification, Befog, Soften, Overshadow, Pea soup, Film, Phantom, Overcloud, Indeterminateness, Swivet, Bug, Shade, Pale, Pitter-patter, Frenzy, Disorganization, Obnubilate, Fog, Haze, Fuzziness, Disconcertion, Obscurantism, Disconcert, Confusion, Fuddlement, Discombobulation, Moisture, Drizzling mist, Dazzle, Fuddle, Become cloudy, Gout of rain, Vapour, Blur, Darken over, Bubble, Raindrop, Murk, Obscurity, Disorientation, Vagueness, Perplexity, Obfuscation, Unplainness, Embarrassment, Darkness, Chaos, Illusion, Throw into confusion, Haze, Mistiness, Encloud, Fog over, Smoke, Opacity, Unsettlement, London special, Murkiness, Thin air, Air

How to use Mist in a sentence?

  1. The windows had to be thickened.
  2. There is a shroud in the top mist.

Meaning of Mist & Mist Definition