Missing Those Days

Missing Those Days

I miss those days or I miss those days. which sentence is correct? 3

The first (my days are over) seems right. When you write a story, the timing of the story should be the same (past or present).

If you now feel that you are wasting the day, fine and good.

In the past, if you think you missed those days, it's okay that I missed them.

Note that both sentences are all ut. it is

Now = exists or not.

Past tense = past or absent.

Another example to illustrate past and present grammar:

I like living in Hawaii (I was there last year)

I like to live in hawaii (i'm in hawaii now)


We hope so (we hope because it happened in the past)

We wait until CL (wait because it's happening now).

Help for example!

Missing Those Days

Missing Those Days

Suppose we still remember you, he said or wrote, I remember those days. When the person does not leave it, it will have another effect.

It depends on when you want to disappear. I remember those days (now I really remember those days). I miss those days (maybe I'm out?) Or as I used to, I want those days but I don't regret them anymore. I missed you once, but now I don't remember you.

I would say I miss those days because that means you remember those days in the present. I miss you these days it means you miss him but I don't miss him anymore

Both are true, but the meanings are different. I remember those days, it means you regret that those days are gone, while I remember those days, it means you were not alive in those days.

Missing Those Days