Missing Payment

Missing Payment,

What is The Meaning of Missing Payment?

Missing Payment means, Paid, but not in the correct account.

Literal Meanings of Missing Payment


Meanings of Missing:
  1. (Something) was not found because it is not in the expected location.

Sentences of Missing
  1. Some money wasted

Synonyms of Missing

gone astray, mislaid, nowhere to be found, misplaced, unaccounted for, not present, gone, absent, lost


Meanings of Payment:
  1. The act or process of paying or receiving something or something.

  2. Amount paid or paid.

Sentences of Payment
  1. Ask for a discount if you pay immediately

  2. Temporary compensation $ 2500

Synonyms of Payment

reckoning, discharge, clearance, amount, premium, remission, instalment, settlement, remittance, liquidation