Definition of Misfeasance:

  1. Misfeasance is the act of engaging in an action or duty but failing to perform the duty correctly. Misfeasance refers to an action that is unintentional. However, malfeasance is the willful and intentional act of doing harm. .

  2. Improper, negligent, or unlawful execution of an essentially lawful act, or a transgression or trespass such as misuse of authority by a firms director or officer. In comparison, a wrongful or unlawful act, especially by a public official, is malfeasance; and a failure to perform an act required by law, or failure to carry out an obligation, is nonfeasance.

  3. Misfeasance refers to a perpetrator purposefully not fulfilling the duties of their contract, but it more often occurs when the negligence is done unknowingly. Typically an act of misfeasance isn’t done out of intent to harm but more likely to create a shortcut. Management may do this believing the action will help the company even though it could result in negative consequences in the future.

Synonyms of Misfeasance

Aberrancy, Aberration, Abuse, Abuse of office, Atrocity, Bad policy, Befoulment, Breach, Conversion, Corrupt administration, Crime, Crime against humanity, Criminal tendency, Criminality, Criminosis, Deadly sin, Debasement, Defalcation, Defectiveness, Defilement, Delinquency, Delusion, Dereliction, Desecration, Deviancy, Distortion, Diversion, Embezzlement, Enormity, Errancy, Erroneousness, Error, Evil, Evil courses, Evildoing, Failure, Fallaciousness, Fallacy, Falseness, Falsity, Fault, Faultiness, Feloniousness, Felony, Flaw, Flawedness, Fouling, Genocide, Guilty act, Hamartia, Heavy sin, Heresy, Heterodoxy, Illusion, Impolicy, Impropriety, Indiscretion, Inexpedience, Inexpediency, Inexpiable sin, Iniquity, Injury, Injustice, Lapse, Lawbreaking, Maladministration, Malefaction, Malfeasance, Malpractice, Malum, Malversation, Minor wrong, Misadministration, Misapplication, Misappropriation, Misconduct, Misconstruction, Misdeed, Misdemeanor, Misdirection, Misdoing, Misemployment, Misgovernment, Misguidance, Mishandling, Misinterpretation, Misjudgment, Mismanagement, Misprision, Misprision of treason, Misrule, Misusage, Misuse, Mortal sin, Neglect, Negligence, Nonfeasance, Offense, Omission, Outrage, Peccadillo, Peccancy, Peculation, Perversion, Pilfering, Pollution, Poor stewardship, Positive misprision, Profanation, Prostitution, Self-contradiction, Sin, Sin of commission, Sin of omission, Sinful act, Sinfulness, Slip, Thou scarlet sin, Tort, Transgression, Trespass, Trip, Unorthodoxy, Untrueness, Untruth, Untruthfulness, Unutterable sin, Venial sin, Vice, Viciousness, Violation, Wrong, Wrong conduct, Wrongdoing, Wrongness

How to use Misfeasance in a sentence?

  1. Corporate legal teams help assure no misfeasance, nonfeasance, or malfeasance occur.
  2. Misfeasance can occur rather frequently without second-guessing it. Nonfeasance is a failure to act when action is required.
  3. Misfeasance and nonfeasance are very similar and courts often have a difficult time differentiating them.
  4. I was suing the company for misfeasance and I hoped that I would win over ten thousand dollars in court.
  5. We hired the catering company to serve our guests for the presentation, but they provided evidence of misfeasance by only providing drinks, when the contract said food and drink.
  6. Some companies may do something that seems legal but really is not in a way of misfeasance and you should report them.
  7. Malfeasance occurs when the act is intentional, whereas misfeasance is completed accidentally. .

Meaning of Misfeasance & Misfeasance Definition