Misery Loves Company Meaning

Misery Loves Company Meaning

what is the meaning of this ??? Is trouble in the company of love?

I'm sorry people are telling you this, I see it's not right for you, but it means that when someone is happy, they are happy to take other people with them. Or is happy to make other people happy. If you don't like them when you're not happy, don't tell them when they talk about it.

The victim loves the patient

Definition of suffering

This means that when a person is very unhappy, he likes to be with another unhappy person. In other words, it also means that poor people attract other poor people and / or are in close contact with additional suffering ...

If everyone is telling you this, you can complain a lot and never be satisfied or happy. So see if you fit this definition, there's always a bit of a challenge, if you want to change and you're not happy ...

I now!

Well, I tried to get people in the same mood as you. Because unhappy people [I have every right to say that because I'm on both sides of the spectrum] like to allow others to be hurt. Being unhappy is simply unbearable, taking other people and making them unhappy makes unhappiness more tolerable. Do you understand elongation?

Misery Loves Company Meaning

Misery Loves Company Meaning


Trouble is accompanied by companionship.

This means that people who are sad often want to feel sorry for those around them.

On a bad day, he is not satisfied until the whole family cries. Trouble loves company.

(From Cambridge International Dictionary of Ideas)

This means that people encourage each other to feel pain.

she goes

And then you don't know what he and he did to me

If you follow your lead and eat it, it will last.

Try singing because it gives meaning to your work and helps you shift and free from prison.

This means that unhappy people will try to hurt you as much as they do because ... misery makes us like to be together.

This means that depressed people want to go out, so socialize Emo and Emo ... It also has a different meaning, in the sense that everyone likes to talk about their problems and worries. Things that bother us. For example, when you tell someone it's okay, don't you hate it? And he spent the next 5 minutes saying his feet hurt, his mood was depressed, his life was messy and he would get drunk on Sunday.

When he is unhappy, when he is happy when other people talk about his pain. You will not feel alone in being unhappy.

Misery Loves Company Meaning