Definition of Minus:

  1. (after a grade) slightly worse than.

  2. A disadvantage.

  3. Having a negative electric charge.

  4. A mathematical operation of subtraction.

  5. (before a number) below zero; negative.

  6. (of temperature) below zero.

  7. With the subtraction of.

  8. To reduce, take away, or subtract. Ted took the number of individuals that responded minus the number of invitations that he sent out to determine how many invitations were outstanding.

  9. A symbol similar to a dash that is used to indicate that one item is being subtracted from another item.

Synonyms of Minus

Take away, Take from, Take off, Deduct, Debit, Abstract, Discount, Dock, Remove, Withdraw, Unencumbered by, Unaffected by, Clear of, Without, Devoid of, Lacking in, Disadvantage, Snag, Downside, Stumbling block, Catch, Hitch, Pitfall, Fly in the ointment, Barring, Bereaved, Bereaved of, Bereft, Cut off, Decrement, Deduction, Deficient, Denuded, Deprived of, Devoid, Discounting, Divested, Except, Excepting, Exception taken of, Excluding, Exclusive of, Existless, From, Inadequate, Inferior, Insufficient, Lacking, Leaving out, Less, Minuend, Missing, Negative, Nonexistent, Not counting, Null, Off, Out of, Parted from, Plus, Positive, Robbed of, Sans, Save, Shorn of, Short, Short of, Stripped of, Subtrahend, Unexisting, Unreached, Vacuous, Void, Wanting, Without, Without being

How to use Minus in a sentence?

  1. Whats ninety-three minus seven?.
  2. My lowest grade was a B minus.
  3. What texts dont usually tell you is that charges both plus and minus attract uncharged things.
  4. Specifying a plus or minus before a number allows relative positioning.
  5. Minus 10° Fahrenheit.
  6. For every plus with this equipment there can be a minus.
  7. Minus five.

Meaning of Minus & Minus Definition

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