Definition of Minority:

  1. The smaller number or part, especially a number that is less than half the whole number.

  2. Something considered as a smaller subset of a larger group. Women in the military are considered a minority due to the vast amount of males currently enlisted.

  3. The state or period of being under the age of full legal responsibility.

Synonyms of Minority

Youth, Early years, Early days, Early life, Infancy, Babyhood, Boyhood, Girlhood, Pre-teens, Preadolescence, Prepubescence, Adolescence, Teens, Teenage years, Young adulthood, Immaturity, Back seat, Callowness, Dewiness, Disability, Disablement, Disqualification, Freshness, Greenness, Humbleness, Humility, Imbecility, Immaturity, Inability, Inadequacy, Incapability, Incapacitation, Incapacity, Incompetence, Incompetency, Inefficiency, Ineptitude, Inexperience, Infancy, Inferiority, Insufficiency, Juiciness, Juniority, Least, Legal incapacity, Lowliness, Minority group, Nonage, Rawness, Sappiness, Second fiddle, Second string, Secondariness, Servility, Subjection, Subordinacy, Subordination, Subservience, The few, The minority, Third string, Undevelopment, Unfitness, Unripeness, Wardship, We happy few

How to use Minority in a sentence?

  1. Intrigues between factions striving to make the king their puppet continued throughout his minority.
  2. A minority party.

Meaning of Minority & Minority Definition