Definition of Minor:

  1. Lesser in importance, seriousness, or significance.

  2. A minor key, interval, or scale.

  3. A college students subsidiary subject or area of concentration.

  4. Short for minor suit.

  5. Person of age below legal age (commonly 18 years), also called infant in the UK. A minor possesses restricted or no legal capacity.

  6. A person under the age of full legal responsibility.

  7. (of a term) occurring as the subject of the conclusion of a categorical syllogism.

  8. Study or qualify in as a subsidiary subject at college or university.

  9. The minor leagues in a particular professional sport, especially baseball.

  10. A minor term or premise.

  11. (of a scale) having intervals of a semitone between the second and third degrees, and (usually) the fifth and sixth, and the seventh and eighth.

Synonyms of Minor

Slight, Small, Child, Infant, Youth, Academic specialty, Adolescent, Area, Average, Baby, Back-burner, Boy, Budding, Callow, Casual, Child, Classical education, Common, Core curriculum, Course, Course of study, Curriculum, Demeaning, Dependent, Dewy, Dinky, Disadvantaged, Discipline, Dispensable, Dominant, Elective, Fair, Field, Fledgling, General education, General studies, Girl, Green, Growing, Hopeful, Humanities, Humble, Immaterial, Immature, Impubic, In the shade, Inappreciable, Inconsequential, Inconsiderable, Indifferent, Inessential, Inexperienced, Infant, Inferior, Infra dig, Ingenuous, Innocent, Insignificant, Intact, Irrelevant, Juicy, Junior, Juvenal, Juvenile, Key, Key signature, Keynote, Lad, Laddie, Lass, Lassie, Less, Lesser, Liberal arts, Light, Little, Low, Lower, Lowly, Major, Major key, Mediant, Mediocre, Medium, Middling, Minute, Modest, Naive, Negligible, New-fledged, Nonessential, Not vital, Obscure, One-horse, Ordinary, Paltry, Pedal point, Petit, Petty, Picayune, Piddling, Proseminar, Pubescent, Quadrivium, Raw, Refresher course, Ripening, Sapling, Sappy, Schoolboy, Schoolgirl, Scientific education, Second rank, Second string, Second-rate, Secondary, Seminar, Servile, Shoestring, Slight, Slip, Small, Small-beer, Small-fry, Small-time, Smaller, Specialty, Sprig, Stripling, Study, Sub, Subaltern, Subdiscipline, Subdominant, Subject, Submediant, Subordinate, Subservient, Subsidiary, Subtonic, Supertonic, Technical, Technical education, Teenager, Teener, Teenybopper, Tender, Third rank, Third string, Tonality, Tonic, Tonic key, Trifling, Trivial, Trivium, Two-bit, Unadult, Underage, Underprivileged, Undeveloped, Undistinguished, Unessential, Unfledged, Unformed, Unimportant, Unimpressive, Unlicked, Unmellowed, Unnoteworthy, Unnoticeable, Unripe, Unseasoned, Vernal, Virginal, Vulgar, Ward, Young hopeful, Young person, Younger, Youngest, Youngling, Youngster, Youth

How to use Minor in a sentence?

  1. Yet by bar 3, where the two basic scale-motifs are concatenated to form five notes of an A minor scale, the tonality is in doubt.
  2. The court would take account of the minors wishes.
  3. Clark had minored in Animal Science.
  4. A bid of two no trumps shows strength in the minors.
  5. Hes been pitching in the minors for six years.
  6. A minor in American Indian studies.
  7. Minor alterations.
  8. Yet he will conjure a few bars in the minor where possible and darken textures by shunting to the subdominant.
  9. I prove the minor, because your father is known by you and your father is the one approaching; hence, the one approaching is known by you.

Meaning of Minor & Minor Definition

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