Ministerial Exception

Ministerial Exception,

Ministerial Exception Meanings:

A legal theory that applies to religious institutions and exempts federal employment discrimination laws for practices that are considered discriminatory. The reason for the removal of the minister is to avoid government interference in the governance of religious institutions, which would violate the First Amendment to the US Constitution and the freedom to practice this provision. Ministerial exemptions give these agencies considerable freedom to decide whether they will be discriminated against in their decisions, regardless of who they hire or retain. In 2012, the U.S. Supreme Court unanimously upheld the right to dismiss secular church teachers (but also a teacher who also teaches religion every day) who violated the American Disability Act (ADA). He declared this law as an exception. (See Hosna Tabor Evangelical Lutheran Church and Truth VVEEOC, 2012 US Lexus 578 (January 11, 2012). Jobs, not all rule-of-law jobs, therefore, do not apply to ministerial exceptions to reports of sexual harassment or breach of employment contract, for example.

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Meanings of Ministerial:
  1. It means a priest.

  2. This refers to one or more government ministers.

  3. Act as an agent, tool or resource to achieve a goal.

Sentences of Ministerial
  1. It is the kind of ecology that leads to spiritual leadership and the ecclesiastical structure that prepares believers for their calling.

  2. Ministry officials

  3. Use the discourse that serves Buddhist intellectual culture

Synonyms of Ministerial

diplomatic, bureaucratic, state, government, canonical, priestly, civic, ecclesiastic, party political, legislative, parliamentary, administrative, prelatic, ministerial, public, pastoral, policy-making, clerical, governmental, parsonical, constitutional, local government


Meanings of Exception:
  1. Someone or something that is out of the ordinary or does not follow the rules.

Sentences of Exception
  1. Traveling between cities is a pleasure and avoiding travel is no exception

Synonyms of Exception

inconsistency, special case, departure, abnormality, quirk, peculiarity, anomaly, oddity, irregularity, deviation