What is The Meaning of Mining?

  1. Mining is an integral part of the cryptocurrency network that performs two important functions. First, it is used to create and approve new cryptocurrency tokens for distribution on cryptocurrency networks, and second, to review, validate and add to its public review network transactions. Used for

Meanings of Mining

  1. Process or industry Used to extract coal or other minerals from mines.

Sentences of Mining

  1. Strong links between mining and other sectors of the economy

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What is The Definition of Mining?

You can define Mining as, Mining is an integral part of the cryptocurrency network that performs two important functions. First, it is used to create and issue new cryptocurrency ns for circulation through the cryptocurrency network, and second, it is used to review, validate and re-add network transactions issued in the public ledger. Used for

Meanings of Mining

  1. The process or industry of extracting coal or other minerals from mines.

  2. Get from the mines (coal or other minerals).

  3. Place explosive mines on or just below the surface (land or water).

Sentences of Mining

  1. Companies come to the area to mine phosphates.

  2. This area is heavily mined

Synonyms of Mining

excavate, scoop out, sow with mines, unearth, lay with mines, draw, dig (up), strip-mine, defend with mines, extract, quarry, protect with mines, remove