Minimum Tax

Minimum Tax,

What is The Meaning of Minimum Tax?

  • Minimum Tax definition is: In some countries, companies are still subject to annual taxes, regardless of whether they make a profit or not.

Literal Meanings of Minimum Tax


Meanings of Minimum:
  1. The smallest or smallest amount or possible quantity, attainable or necessary.

  2. The smallest or least.

Sentences of Minimum
  1. They check passports with minimal effort

  2. This can be done with very little effort

Synonyms of Minimum

least possible, minutest, rock-bottom, lowest, slightest, bottom level, base, lower limit, littlest, least, nadir, depth, lowest level, bottom, minimal, smallest, rock bottom


Meanings of Tax:
  1. Tax (on something else)

  2. Requires high demands (electricity or resources)

  3. Confront a crime or offense (from someone).

  4. Search and rate (file rate)

  5. Mandatory government income tax, which is levied by the government on employees' income and company profits, or is included in the price of certain goods, services and transactions.

  6. One type or more demand.

Sentences of Tax
  1. Hardware and software are taxed at 7.5%

  2. He knew that the next test would test his full strength.

  3. Why are you blaming me for these baseless allegations?

  4. An officer who keeps track of expenses

  5. Higher taxes will reduce consumer spending

  6. Readers pay more attention

Synonyms of Tax

levy, drain, make demands on, demand, weight, blame, demand a tax on, duty, condemn, tithe, weigh down, censure, excise, fee, burden, tariff, stress, encumbrance, call to account, load, confront, imposition, impose a toll on, exact a tax on, weigh heavily on, impost, put a strain on