Minimum Investment

Minimum Investment,

What is The Definition of Minimum Investment?

  • Early minorities represent the minimum group to open a general tax or IRA / SEP / Keogh account with mutual funds. The following is the minimum amount required to be deposited in a regular or deferred tax account opened with FCP.

Literal Meanings of Minimum Investment


Meanings of Minimum:
  1. The smallest or smallest quantity or possible quantity, attainable or necessary.

  2. More or less

Sentences of Minimum
  1. They check passports with minimal effort

  2. This can be done with minimal effort

Synonyms of Minimum

minimal, lowest level, minutest, least possible, slightest, base, least, lowest, lower limit, rock-bottom, nadir, smallest, bottom, bottom level, littlest, depth, rock bottom


Meanings of Investment:
  1. The act or process of investing money for material gain or income.

  2. Attach the location to the enemy's force to encircle or stop it.

Sentences of Investment
  1. Discussion on private investment in road construction

Synonyms of Investment

speculation, investing