Minimum Group

Minimum Group,

Minimum Group:

A simple definition of Minimum Group is: State law requires the formation of groups for insurance purposes to maintain a considerable separation between individual and group insurance for a small number of workers.

Under state law, the smallest number of employees allowed to form a group for insurance purposes is used to determine the minimum amount to bridge the gap between individual and group insurance.

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Meanings of Minimum:
  1. The smallest or smallest quantity or possible quantity, attainable or necessary.

  2. More or less

Sentences of Minimum
  1. They check passports with minimal effort

  2. This can be done with minimal effort

Synonyms of Minimum

slightest, bottom, depth, smallest, base, nadir, least possible, rock bottom, minutest, minimal, littlest, rock-bottom, least, lower limit, bottom level, lowest, lowest level


Meanings of Group:
  1. Multiple people or objects that are around or that are viewed or categorized together.

  2. Arm or place in one or more groups

Sentences of Group
  1. These bodies are divided into four different groups

  2. Three wooden chairs cluster around the dining table

Synonyms of Group

kind, variety, set, cluster, lot, mass, species, amass, grouping, collect, type, clump, style, family, sort, breed, classification, bracket, category, batch, assemble, class, gather together, genus, bunch