Minimalist font

Minimalist font

What is the basic font? Basic resources. Arial, Times New Roman, Verdana, etc., the names of these standard fonts are known to anyone using a Windows or Mac computer. These basic fonts have many advantages such as popularity, cross-platform support, web security, etc.

How do you get different fonts?

Open the control panel. Open the font icon by double clicking on it. In the "Fonts" window, you can see all installed fonts and install new ones. To install a font, click the File menu and select Install New Font from the drop-down menu that appears. Locate the folder for the fonts you want to install.

What are the best font websites?

If all else fails, the best option for an accessible website is a popular font with a clean sans-serif aesthetic. Some of the most appropriate fonts in this regard are Arial, Helvetica, Lucida Sans, Tahoma, and Verdana.

What fonts were used in the 1930s?

Perhaps one of the most famous serif fonts is Times New Roman. It was developed for the British newspaper The Times in the 1930s. Stanley Morison was hired to design the font after criticizing The Times for writing an unreadable article.

What is the best font for handwriting?

Ambula sol. Sonnambula is considered the best signature font, and for good reason. Freelance designer Fernando Caro's primary font is handwritten and voluminous, with calligraphic units of text to satisfy the need for stylish and eye-catching titles.

What is a cute font?

Nice fonts. Beautiful fonts are usually quirky, artistic and fun because they draw attention to themselves rather than the message, but they are very useful and always in demand because they show off and glorify a piece of art, especially if it is intended for girls or ladies. judges.

What is the basic font called

17 basic fonts 1) Serif. Serif fonts are fonts that consist of lines with small marks or lines at the ends. 2) sans serif. Sans serif fonts are single-line fonts. They don't have those little ornaments that they have. 3) screen.

How can I identify this font?

You can search for fonts by appearance, name, appearance, image, or designer. Its main function is to identify a font by its appearance. The identification process requires answers to questions about the basic characteristics of the pattern letters, such as sans-serif or sans-serif "Q" tail shape.

Can you tell me what font This is?

Rather, fonts are a collection of images that you can apply to Unicode glyphs. It is the website owner who determines which font is used on this website. Emoticons work the same way as symbols.

How do you determine font?

Font in a document When viewing a document in a word processor, select the text and look for the font option on the toolbar. It should display the font used in the selected text. You can also highlight the text on the web page whose font you want to define.

How can I detect a font?

The most convenient way to identify a font in the wild is to use the free WhatTheFont mobile app. Just fire up the app and take a snapshot of the text wherever it appears: on paper, road signs, walls, books, etc. The app asks you to cut out a photo to convert it to text and then each identify character.

What is the basic font used

A guide to common resources. These are just some of the most common fonts you'll encounter when working with text. Take a look at all these elements first and think about how to distinguish them from each other. Each image refers to additional information. Times New Roman. This is the most widely distributed police force in the world. This is a medium serif font.

What is the most common font type?

Serif fonts are the most commonly used fonts. Serif fonts are indicated by a small trim at the end of each letter. Serif fonts are most often used in trade publications such as newspapers, magazines, magazines, and books.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: How do I choose a font?

Select the text tool on the toolbar or open the text toolbar. Click a font name in the tool options bar or text bar. The font menu opens. Choose a font. You can select a font first and then add text, or you can select existing text and replace it with the font you want to use.

What is a typical font?

Font Use a standard readable font. Times / Times Roman, Helvetica and Arial are typical fonts. The font size must be 10 (points) to a maximum of 12 (points). NEVER use a script style font.

What is the best font for text?

Arial Arial Black Tahoma Trebuchet MS Verdana Gothic Century Geneva Lucida Lucida Sans Lucida Grande.

What is the basic font size

Dot (font) In letterpress printing, a dot is the smallest unit of measurement. Used to measure font size, line spacing, and other elements on a printed page. The size of the dots has varied throughout the history of printing.

What is a normal font size?

"normal" font size (11 or 12 point Roman era, 10 or 11 footnotes. The court requires a specific font of a certain size with a specific line height. The default font for college paper is 12 fonts.

What are the different font sizes?

Font size in web design. In CSS and web design, the font size is changed based on different predefined font sizes. Some of these sizes are xxsmall, xsmall, small, medium, large, xlarge, and xxlarge. The font size can also be specified in points, icons, inches, centimeters, millimeters, em, and percentages.

What determines the point size of a font?

In the case of metal writing, the size of the letter describes the height of the metal body on which the characters are applied. In numerical characters, the letters of the font are arranged around an imaginary space called the Em square.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: What is the best Fancy Font?

  • The script centers. Centeria Script is one of the best stylish fonts to use in all your future designs.
  • To decorate. Adorn is definitely a very elegant, whimsical font that looks very mysterious with a touch of simplicity that makes it even more interesting to wear.
  • Risotto script.
  • Ice script.
  • Affair.
  • Mishka.
  • Asterism.
  • Cantoni.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: What is a fancy looking font?

Elegant fonts are fonts with creative and artistic designs such as bullet holes, curved lines, jagged edges, etc. They consist of various font styles such as curly, gorgeous, blurry, distorted, esoteric, broken, etc. It is used in things that innovation require. and imagination.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: What font is used for texting?

Using a simple font ensures that your message is readable. Basic fonts like Arial, Cambria, Calibri, Verdana, Courier New, and Times New Roman work well. Avoid new fonts such as comics, scripts, or handwritten fonts.

How do you get different fonts on instagram

If you want to write in different fonts on Instagram, do the following: Open one of these websites: in the "Text here" field, enter the text whose font you want to change. Open Instagram and paste the copied text
Step 2 in the organic sector. Save This. How to add links to your Instagram bio.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: How to get cool fonts on Instagram bio?

Add a cool font to your bio: Open the Instagram app. In the bottom right corner of the page, tap the profile picture icon. Click the edit profile button below your bio. Choose organic. Press and hold the circle icon. Choose a keyboard with a basic font. Scroll through the fonts to find the font you want. Enter your text. Touch Done.

How to change bio font in Instagram?

To change the font of your Instagram bio, visit LingoJams Fonts for Instagram. Enter any text in the text box on the left or paste it into your current Instagram bio. If you put your bio in the text box on the left, you will. Scroll through the options in the text box on the right and copy the one you want. Please login and login to your account if necessary. Switch to your profile by clicking the people icon in the top right corner of the screen.

How to change fonts in Instagram Stories?

  • First, open the Instagram application. Click the plus sign to post the story.
  • When the camera appears, take a photo or select an image from your gallery.
  • The default font is a classic font, as you can see above.
  • Then choose a color for your font.
  • The typewriter or trusted sources give you the option to add phrases or

How do you get different fonts on discord

Getting a new source for a Discord name or message is easy. Find the Discord font generator, enter the text you want to change, choose your style from the options that appear, copy and paste it into Discord.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: How to Strikethrough messages in discord?

Strikethrough in Discord Launch the Discord desktop application on your PC. After that, open any server or chat with friends and start writing your message. You can now achieve strikethrough formatting by adding two tilde ~ characters before and after the text you want to strike through. That's all.

:brown_circle: Did discord change the font?

Discord doesn't let you change the default font, but this generator lets you skip it, allowing you to put more than bold and underlined text in chat messages.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: How do you underline text in discord?

First, launch Discord on your computer and navigate to the text source in the Discord client. Then click the message box at the bottom of the screen. Now enter the message you want in Discord and then add two underscores on each side of the part of the text you want to underline.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: How do you get different fonts on facebook

Facebook settings don't allow users to change font size or style, but users can use browser settings and plugins to create the viewing experience they want. To change the font using the Firefox browser options, select the Tools menu, which appears as three horizontal lines in the top right corner of the browser, and select Options.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: How do you make font bold on Facebook?

Bold on your Facebook profile
Step 1 : Edit profile
Step 2 : Enter the text in bold. Open the YayTexts Bold font generator in a new tab.
Step 3 : Replace the text in your profile. Go back to your profile post and paste the bold text you copied in the previous step.
Step 4 : Finished. Hey look!

How do I make bold text on Facebook?

Write text in bold on Facebook Write your message on Facebook, but don't post it yet. Now open the YayText text generator tool in a new tab. You can open it here. The tool allows you to use the extension. Now go back to the Facebook post you wrote.
step 1 and paste the bold text you copied in the last step.

How to change font and size of text in Facebook?

Steps Visit Facebook. Open any web browser on your computer and go to the Facebook homepage. Log in to your Facebook account. Enter your username and password in the corresponding text boxes in the upper right corner of the web page to log in to yours. Enlarge the text on Facebook. Reduce the size of the text.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: How do you get different fonts on ipad

Install and manage fonts on iPad. You can download fonts from the App Store app and then use them in documents you create on iPad. After downloading the fonts app from the App Store, open the app to install the fonts. To manage installed fonts, go to Settings > General and then click Fonts. Reasonable?

Can you add custom fonts to your iPhone?

Apple lets you install, manage, and work with third-party custom fonts on your iPhone or iPad. It's a bit complicated, but it's worth it if you're a fan of typography.

:brown_circle: How do I delete fonts on my iPad?

Go to the Installed Fonts tab to see all downloaded fonts. To remove a font, click the menu button next to each font. Select the option "Remove fonts on all devices". You can also manage the fonts through the Settings app. Go to General > Fonts. Here you will see a list of all installed fonts. Touch a source for more information.

:brown_circle: Where do I find fonts on my iPhone?

You can also manage fonts through the Settings app. Go to General > Fonts. Here you will see a list of all installed fonts. Touch a source for more information.

How do you get different fonts on roblox

This font was created and published in 2017 by ReclusionsHD. Roblox is a beautiful fashion font for designers. Roblox has a unique and attractive texture. The Roblox font family is a very attractive, unique and vibrant font. These features set this unusual font family apart from all other currently available fonts.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: What are the Roblox fonts?

The Roblox font is used to design a text box or text caption. Roblox fonts can be used to emphasize something or to follow the theme of certain games. Roblox chat sources vary.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: What is Roblox font?

The Roblox font is based entirely on the Roblox game development system. Roblox is a system game creation platform that allows users to create their own games and play different types of games created by other users. The current Roblox logo with this modest font.

How do you get different fonts on iphone

San Francisco is the default font for iPhone and iPad. So by using it you will be more aware of these limitations. You can of course create iOS applications with any font. Make other images appear larger, smaller, or less legible, even if they are the same size.

How can I Change my font style on iPhone?

How to Change Font Style on iPhone Install BytaFont: Open Cydia, search for BytaFont and install it. When instructed to breathe through the device, simply do so. When. Install Fonts - Open the app and go to the Browse Fonts button in the bottom menu. Select the desired font and download it. Once. After downloading the font. Close Cydia and reopen BytaFont 3 to activate the downloaded font. You are in the Basics section, click.

Can you change the font on an iPhone?

iPhone users cannot change the fonts used on iOS. The only system-wide changes are the font size. However, you can change the fonts used in some native apps and in app purchases made by Apple, such as B. in the iWork suite.

:brown_circle: How do you change font color on iPhone?

Open the Settings menu, select Accessibility, and select Subtitles and Subtitles. Click Style and create a new style. From there, you can choose a new font, size, and color.

How do I change the font in Google Chrome?

To change the font in Google Chrome, you need to go to Font and language settings. First open your browser, click on the three parallel lines in the top right corner of the window and then on "Settings". Scroll down to the Web Content section and click Configure Fonts.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: How can I change the fonts on my webpage?

If you are an IE user, you can also change the font settings in your browser by following a few simple steps. First click on the small cog in the top right corner of your browser and then click on the Internet Options button. Now look at the bottom of the pop-up window and select "Fonts". Now you can change your site's fonts and plain text as you see fit.

Where do I find the font menu on my Chromebook?

Click on the editing toolbar to open the Font menu. The Font menu is located to the left of the Font Size menu. The Font menu appears on the Edit toolbar with the name of the font for the selected text. By default, all text uses the Arial font. Select one of the listed sources.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Is it possible to change all the fonts in Google Docs?

It's not creatively recommended to use many different fonts from different font families in the same document, but Docs allows you to change any letter in a document to a different font. Google Docs comes with eight pre-installed fonts:.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: What are some good fonts for websites?

For readability and consistency, the best fonts for web design are Arial, Times New Roman, and Courier New. Other web-safe fonts include Georgia, Verdana, and Trebuchet MS.

Which is the best font for a mobile website?

  • Open without. Open Sans is a human sans serif font designed by Steve Matteson.
  • Montserrat. Montserrat is a new free-form text font for the web, inspired by the characters of the historic district of Buenos Aires.
  • Playfair advertising. Playfair Display is a serif font.
  • Robot. The robot has a dual character.
  • Proxima Nova.

What's the best font for your site?

  • Playfair advertising. Online test website for Tiny Unpigeon users, a simple Playfair ad type for both
  • Arvo. The website header of this blockchain technology company uses Arvo to create a modern and credible concept.
  • Dose. A clean, modern dose is the right choice for makers.

:brown_circle: What font size is best for website content?

16 pixels is the ideal font size for body text. It's not too small or too big, so it really helps make your paragraphs easier to read. In fact, the font size they use in the body parts of their posts is 16 pixels. 8px is really too small for the main copy, you should only use this size for side text as timestamps.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Are there free fonts for teachers to use?

Here are 67 free fonts created by teachers to make your classroom activities lively, playful and add the perfect touch. Let's break down the free fonts by type so you can find what you're looking for, and I'll share a tutorial link at the end in case you want to install them and have never done so before.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: Which is the best font for handwriting for teachers?

1. Print Dots - This dot font is ideal for writing and drawing. Create your own free worksheets with these dotted letters and numbers. 2. Ashley is a very user-friendly handwritten font for teachers and students of all ages. It is quite a thick font with a classic stick and sphere shape.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: How many fonts are in the fonts4teacher deluxe?

(Included with Fonts4Teacher Deluxe) This collection of 6 PRINT or MANUSCRIPT fonts is specially designed for teachers to create hundreds of writing, spelling and calligraphy lessons for students.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: What kind of fonts do you use for printables?

Fun: This fine point font makes every letter and number unique and includes lines, curls, curls and dots. These fonts make printing a lot of fun. They add a bit of flair and work best when used as headlines or to draw attention to certain features.

What is the best site for downloading free fonts?

FontZone is another good website that allows you to download free fonts. It offers free fonts that you can use for everything: websites, documents, images and more. FontZone organizes your fonts according to several criteria: alphabetically, by popularity and by category.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: How can I get free fonts?

How to get free fonts. Visit Dafont's free font download site. Click on the desired font style in the menu at the top of the screen. Scroll through the fonts until you find the font you want to download. Click the download button on the right side of the screen.

What is the best website for free fonts?

1. Da Font. DaFont is probably the most popular free font site in the world. There's a good reason for that too: this site is user-friendly. You can use the search function or find the font you want by browsing through the different categories available.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: What is the best professional font?

Use a professional, easy-to-read font. Recommended fonts: Arial, Calibri, Tahoma, Times New Roman, and Verdana. Don't use dashes or "nice" fonts. Do not use fonts that are too small or too large.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: What is the best font for web reading?

Use the font size Arial 12 or larger to make it easier to read on the web. If it falls below 12 points, the 10-point Verdana is the best choice. For a formal look, go for the Georgia font. And for older readers, use a font size of at least 14 points.

What are some scary fonts?

To name some of their creepy fonts, A Dripping Marker Font, Zombie Holocaust, Unquiet Spirits, A Lolita Scorned, Nyctophobia, Ghost Reverie, DK Mothman, Lycanthrope, Brutal Truth, Kreepshow Frigid, MB Real Grinder, Ghastly Panic, and SF. There are no words to describe the fear of these sources.

:brown_circle: What are the best font styles?

6 popular fonts (+ best free fonts for everyone) SansSerif fonts. SansSerif fonts are fonts with a distinctive character design. Script and handwritten fonts. These are swirling lines and curved fonts. Vintage and retro font.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: What is the best college font?

The best font for academic essays is Times New Romans, font 12. The font you use for academic writing should have two main characteristics: it should be legible and clearly italic. With these elements in mind, here's my recommendation:.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: What is the best font for sports?

Creative Alpha Sports Font. Different sports fonts can be used for different sports. Overall, the Octin series is ideal for almost all sports. Cowboy is best suited for rugby, baseball and college football.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: What's the best font for your website?

Therefore, Arial and Verdana are probably the best sources for your website content. Arial is modern and professional, always a mutual benefit for all age groups. Meanwhile, Verdana is also modern and professional, but more elegant, which can make her more attractive to a younger crowd.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: What is a scary font?

One of these springs is also known as Zalgo. The term Zalgo is mainly associated with something terrifying. The term "Zalgo" comes from the 2004 Nancy and Archie comic. This comic was basically about a creepy demonic character who took over people's minds.

Where can you download fonts for free?

FontZone is another good website that allows you to download free fonts. It offers free fonts that you can use for whatever you want: websites, documents, images, etc.

What is the best site to download fonts?

Font Squirrel is another reliable font for downloading high quality free fonts. Most fonts in Font Squirrel also come with commercial licenses. To avoid complications, the site allows users to simply verify the licenses of each font before downloading.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Where to find free fonts?

Here are some of your favorite places to find free fonts for the year ahead. 1. This page contains some great fonts, many of which are free for commercial use.

:brown_circle: Is downloading fonts safe?

Downloading fonts is safe enough. Most websites are legal. The Mac also has decent virus protection to prevent you from killing your computer with malware. There are many other sites.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: What is the best font for vintage?

The two main categories are serif and sans serif, and there are many fonts in these categories with different styles, such as Times New Roman, Arial, and Helvetica. These fonts are great for adding vintage flair to your work.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: Where to get fonts?

1. Open Settings and click/tap the Personalization icon. 2. Click/tap on "Fonts" on the left and click/tap on the "Get more fonts from the store" link on the right. (see screenshot below) 3. The Microsoft Store app will now open directly in Fonts. Click/tap on an available font to download and install.

What fonts were used in the 1930s in america

1930 years. The most popular font published in 1930 was Berlin Sans, designed by Lucian Bernhard and David Burlow.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: What fonts were used in the 1930s in american

The most popular font released in 1930 was Bank Gothic Medium, designed by Morris Fuller Benton.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: What fonts were used in the 1930s in color

The most popular typefaces were published in 1930. Erbars slightly condensed. Medium Gothic sofa. Village. A daring dynamo. Berlin without. New black poster extended. Berliner without fat. SG California poster.

:brown_circle: Which is the best mid century sans serif font?

It is inspired by grotesque fonts from the early 20th century, such as Futura. Undeka is a big scam with the geometric sans serif MidCentury Modern fonts designed in the early era. When it comes to themed designs, Lets Jazz is a fun mid-century font, inspired by the ads and typefaces of the time.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: When did the mid century design style start?

Dating back to the design period of the 1930s to the mid-1960s, this particular style was enhanced by the opening of the Bauhaus New School of Design in Chicago in the early 1940s and the popular international typeface style. events. sparked the mid-century movement.

:brown_circle: Where did the flat design style come from?

We all saw the return of flat design a few years ago. This particular style dates back to the design period of the 1930s through the mid-1960s, enhanced by the opening of the New Bauhaus School of Design in Chicago in the early 1940s and the popular Swiss international typeface style in the 1950s.

What fonts were used in the 1930s timeline

The most popular font published in 1930 was Bank Gothic Medium, designed by Morris Fuller Benton. The most popular fonts were published in 1930. Bank Gothic environment. Good naughty. A daring dynamo. Village. FF is super grotesque. New Slice Expanded Bold. Berlin without Demi. Ivan Reshnev. Dynamo Bold Shadow.

What fonts were used in the 1930s in history

The most popular font published in 1930 was Berlin Sans, designed by Lucian Bernhard and David Berlow. The most popular fonts were published in 1930. Berlin Sans. Medium Gothic sofa. FF is super grotesque. Village. ITC Goudy Sans (EF) Drescher Grotesk BT. New poster. Metro Nova. Dynamo Bold Shadow. Berlin without Demi.

What fonts were used in the 1930s in europe

Schwabacher was the first to be selected by the German police from the late 15th century to the mid-16th century. Even when Fraktur took over, Schwabacher was still occasionally used, for example to emphasize Fraktur's texts.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: What kind of font was used in medieval times?

It was the standard font of the 12th-15th century in Western Europe, and famous works such as the Gutenberg Bible used this font. The etymology comes from the Latin texture, meaning substance. Calligraphic and checkered, this font is still considered the standard "medieval" font.

:brown_circle: What was the typeface of the 18th century?

The 18th century typefaces that pushed the font design trends to the extreme were known as Didone or Modern. These fonts are in stark contrast to the broad strokes that result in fine hairlines, as well as the hookless serifs that change dramatically from thick to thin with no transition curve.

:brown_circle: What is the most minimal font?

60 Free Minimalist Fonts for Your Designs Museo Sans by Exljbris Font Foundry Museo Slab by Exljbris Font Foundry BW Quinta Pro Light by Branding With Type Simplifica by KAIWA Gidole by Andreas Larsen.

What font is best for You?

Times New Roman. Widely recognized as the best font, Times New Roman is a serif font. Caliber. Calibri is popular with and without Times New Roman. If you don't like Times New Roman, this is your next best option. Arial. If you're looking for another great font-less font, Arial is your best option. Some might say that this is a pretty boring font.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: What are the different style fonts?

Please note that different fonts are available for different fonts. The most common fonts are Normal, Italic, Bold, and Bold. However, this is not the limit and not all fonts contain these four fonts. This is because the styles available for a particular font depend entirely on the font designer.

What is bold font the best?

The 24 best bold fonts you can find for your Cosmoball project. Cosmoball is not your traditional bold font. Normal hand block. Bold fonts come in all shapes and sizes, especially the HandBlock set. Cuban. Like its predecessors, Cubano uses traditional bold fonts in a gentle way. Mascuolin is thick. Sovereign. A bold face. Porch. A thick line. Young woman. Fountain duo Tokyo.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: How do I download illustrator fonts?

Close in Windows Illustrator if it is open. If necessary, download the fonts you want to install. Open start. Open your file manager. Navigate to the ZIP source folder. Click on the ZIP folder for fonts. Click the Payment tab. Click Extract All. If prompted, click Pay. Wait for the font file to be extracted. Double-click the font file. Click Install.

Which is the best site to download minimalistic fonts?

has the largest selection of minimalist fonts. They provide fast servers so you can download minimalistic fonts and get started quickly. They hope you like their site and don't forget to vote for your favorite minimalist fonts.

When to use simple fonts and text generator?

If the content itself is important, avoid distractions and use your simple fonts clearly.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: What kind of font should I use for my design?

When looking for the perfect font, you sometimes have a certain look or style in mind. But sometimes you want something simple, clean and modern. If so, you may be leaning towards a minimalist design style.

:brown_circle: What kind of typeface is Museo Sans?

Museo Sans de Exljbris Font Foundry Description: A solid, geometric, easy-to-read sans-serif typeface ideal for displaying and using text, with full font and matching italics 02. Museo Slab de Exljbris Font Foundry.

How do I use Dafont?

Steps Access in a web browser on your computer. Click a font category. The categories are displayed in a red box at the top of the window. Scroll down to find the fonts in the category. Click Download when you have found the font you want. The Download button is located to the right of the font you want to install.

Can you use Dafont for commercial use?

Not all fonts offered by Dafont can be used commercially, but at least they are all free for personal use, and most are free for commercial use as well. You can check the license of the font from the download button.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: What is the Supreme font on Dafont?

The Supreme logo is simply their logo, presented in white on a red background. The font used for the logo is very similar to Futura Bold Italic.

:brown_circle: What is the Friends font called on Dafont?

The next font you can find for the Thomas & Friends logo is ■■■■■■ BQ Bold, a glyph serif font designed by Leslie Asherwood and published by Berthold.

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