Mini-tail Meanings:

  • Mini-tail means, Extended Reporting Period (ERP) with a very short duration (ie, 60 days). The Office of Insurance Services, Inc. (ISO) is a core part of the Business Liability Policy (CGL) ERP. At the same time, it works like a midtail and includes claims about events that were not previously known to the insurer.

Literal Meanings of Mini-tail


Meanings of Mini:
  1. Shows a smaller version of something.

  2. Very short skirt or dress.

  3. The small car was first manufactured in England in 1959.

  4. Short for mini computer

Sentences of Mini
  1. Mini camera

  2. Small leather

  3. However, since the Mini is just a processor, you'll need to add your own monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

Synonyms of Mini

scaled-down, mini, small-scale


Meanings of Tail:
  1. The animal's own back, especially if it extends beyond the rest of the body, ie the elastic extension of the spine in vertical animals, the final supplement to the feathers or insects on the backs of birds.

  2. Something that resembles the shape or status of an animal's tail, usually something that comes out of something and ends up.

  3. End of a long train or line of people or vehicles.

  4. One man quietly followed them to see what others were doing.

  5. Someone's ass

  6. Reverse side of a coin (coin had to be flipped)

  7. Follow and see (someone) closely, especially secretly.

  8. Take a breath

  9. (Of a flying object) or turns in a certain direction.

  10. Connect (one thing) to another.

  11. Restrictions on the property of a person and his heirs, especially on inheritance or limited property

Sentences of Tail
  1. The dog's tail began to sink in rage

  2. The tail of a capital

  3. Armored truck behind the train

  4. The initial and final long-term shares are the same

  5. Paparazzi followed him throughout Paris

  6. The calligraphy is topped with a banner in ink and shaded like the buttocks of an amazing animal.

Synonyms of Tail

appendage, detective, rump, buttocks, behind, private investigator, rear, back end, bottom, backside, investigator, rear end, hindmost part, shadow, seat