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Mingau Para Bebe

Oatmeal for children who need it monthly? 3

Hello, a baby was born with hard months, and she is very greedy, not including or just as a mother. The agent item has been added as name 1 milk since birth or since birth. But milk name 1 is so cute, and she gave Nain milk again. (But cheaper) First of all, he cleaned a small amount of rice mucolon mangelzine. Can I add too much? Have a problem?

Look, she has 4 children and I breastfed them all with myoclon, peas when baby is greedy, just or mother's milk ... no problem. Oatmeal gives cream, but it is very important that you can cause pain, and add honey, peas are not recommended at this age !!!

You can also give orange juice for five and three months to give papaya, apples, bananas and amsadine.

Look, you really give porridge, fruit juice, fruit aina, you never give up your mother's instruction, your wife does not continue ■■■■■■■■■■■■■ .. good luck !!!

Hello Sergio,

By the way, there are mistakes in your speech as well as in the speech of everyone like parents. No baby is old enough to sew a mother and does not trust her milk. No, we can say that if the baby is gaining weight, you need a nutrition booster, but I don't. Does he stop for that? Have you improved

She continued to gain weight and generally grew up where she felt satisfied as a guide mother. Many times you say that they think that one of the two children is satisfied, but it is only for the money I want to spend a year, for the mother to choose later, they are already in your country What kind of man is Taste or Mom and don't give or don't give, Bill. Do you try to give the baby the necessary ■■■■■■■? The whole store empties one ■■■■■■ and then after the other, until empty, the success of the baby's face with you increases uÃçà© or, as the input increases wow. ■■■■■■■■■■■■■ women should drink 3 liters of water a day. Is that your wife's face? Maybe the solution already exists.

However, it turns out to be the question, are you yes if I understand or right is Ernest's mother's food and you already want to cook porridge in Sido. Or the process of adapting to the newborn, that is, adapting to all newborn systems, takes place after or after the third month. . Which has happened so far. Oatmeal made from mucolon, neston or cremojim, effect on food quality, hair contradictions, many parental sections or this oatmeal / papna nut expert baby really fills the stomach with which you fill the stomach, but it can be very heavy. The baby does not feel very hungry because of But, most importantly, because of your weight and possibly childhood obesity, you don't get the marked and undeveloped vitamins.

Let's see which artificial milk you can introduce (which is cheaper), or else bring natural fruit soukin and baby food, I'm sure. Introduced, as well as essential nutrients and vitamins for the baby.

The milk you are referring to, right? Peas at this age are still the PROIDO of this type of milk.

Then go to the pediatrician again, ask for a new artificial but cheap milk or introduce it slowly or I told you so, but never stop ■■■■■■■■■■■■■ your baby, I have less hair.

I hope I helped him.


Carol and

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