Definition of Mineral:

  1. Naturally-occurring inorganic (neither of animal nor of vegetable origin) homogenous substance with characteristic chemical composition and physical properties that make it identifiable, useful, and/or valuable. Minerals, in general, are obtained through mining, have crystalline structure, and have names ending in -ite. Strictly speaking, coal, natural gas, and petroleum (all organic substances) are not minerals.

  2. A solid inorganic substance of natural occurrence.

  3. (in commercial use) effervescent soft drinks.

  4. Of or denoting a mineral.

Synonyms of Mineral

Alabaster, Alabastrine, Amphibole, Antimony, Apatite, Aplite, Arsenic, Asbestine, Asbestos, Asphalt, Azurite, Bauxite, Bitumen, Boron, Brimstone, Bromine, Brucite, Calcite, Carbon, Celestite, Chalcedony, Chlorite, Chromite, Clay, Coal, Coke, Corundum, Cryolite, Diatomite, Emery, Epidote, Epsomite, Feldspar, Garnet, Gel mineral, Glauconite, Graphite, Graphitic, Gypsum, Hatchettine, Holosiderite, Inorganic, Inorganic substance, Iron pyrites, Jet, Kyanite, Lignite, Lime, Magnesite, Malachite, Maltha, Marcasite, Marl, Meerschaum, Metamict substance, Mica, Micaceous, Mineral coal, Mineral kingdom, Mineral oil, Mineral resources, Mineral salt, Mineral tallow, Mineral tar, Mineral wax, Mineral world, Mineral-bearing material, Mineraloid, Molybdenite, Monazite, Nonbiological, Nonorganic, Obsidian, Olivine, Ore, Ozokerite, Peat, Perlite, Petrified, Phosphate rock, Phosphorus, Pumice, Pyrite, Pyrites, Pyroxene, Quartz, Realgar, Red clay, Rhodonite, Rock crystal, Rocks, Salt, Selenite, Selenium, Siderite, Silica, Silicate, Silicic, Silicon, Spar, Spinel, Spodumene, Sulfur, Sulfuric, Sulfurous, Talc, Talcum, Tellurium, Unorganic, Unorganized, Untreated mineral, Wollastonite, Wulfenite, Zeolite, Lifeless, Insentient, Insensate, Without life, Inert, Motionless

How to use Mineral in a sentence?

  1. Mineral foundation is often seen to be a healthier and more natural alternative to the clumpy and oily liquid foundations and to the other powered foundations composed of chalk.
  2. He said if prices on soft drinks and minerals were high, a lot of it was to do with Government VAT which was the same for both soft drinks and alcoholic beverages.
  3. There top-most layer of earth is called the crust; it is relatively thin, but is filled with a variety of mineral s that make it suitable for crop growth.
  4. There was a large mineral deposit on his shower head, but he got rid of it with the new cleaning product he bought.
  5. Mineral ingredients such as zinc oxide.
  6. It identifies the mineral or compound present.

Meaning of Mineral & Mineral Definition

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