Mineral lease

Mineral lease,

Definition of Mineral lease:

  1. A lease arrangement between an individual and a property owner that grants the individual the rights to extract minerals, such as iron, copper, oil, or natural gas, from a piece of property, or to explore to determine if these minerals are present, in exchange for predetermined compensation.

Meaning of Mineral lease & Mineral lease Definition

Mineral Lease,

What is The Definition of Mineral Lease?

  1. The definition of Mineral Lease is: Agreement between a mineral owner (lender) and a commercial or land owner (lease) in which the lender gives the tenant the right to explore, drill and manufacture oil, gas and other minerals for a specified period. ۔ Oil and gas leases are given to the lender in exchange for a license fee.

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Meanings of Mineral:
  1. Solid inorganic substances of natural origin.

  2. Soft drinks (in commercial use)

  3. From the position of Minerals or.

Sentences of Mineral
  1. Identify the minerals or compounds present

  2. He said that although the prices of soft drinks and minerals are high, the main reason is the government's ICMS, which is the same in soft drinks and alcoholic beverages.

  3. Minerals such as zinc oxide

Synonyms of Mineral

motionless, insentient, insensate, without life, lifeless, inert


Meanings of Lease:
  1. Rent subsidy (property).

  2. An agreement by which a party transfers property, goods, services, etc. Usually to another party for a specified period in exchange for regular payments.

Sentences of Lease
  1. Rent a website from a local business

  2. Six months rent in a store

Synonyms of Lease

sublease, farm out, rent out, sublet, leasehold, charter, contract, hire agreement, rent, charge for the use of, hire, rental agreement, hire out