Mind mapping

Mind mapping,

Definition of Mind mapping:

  1. Graphical technique for visualizing connections between several ideas or pieces of information. Each idea or fact is written down and then linked by lines or curves to its major or minor (or following or previous) idea or fact, thus creating a web of relationships. Developed by the UK researcher Tony Buzan in his 1972 book Use Your Head, mind mapping is used in note taking, brainstorming, problem solving, and project planning. Like other mapping techniques its purpose is to focus attention, and to capture and frame knowledge to facilitate sharing of ideas and concepts.

How to use Mind mapping in a sentence?

  1. It was interesting to read the statistics showing how many more people were able to attain their goals and how mind mapping played such a large role in focusing individual attentions.
  2. I was really good at mind mapping and my dad knew that, so he used my skills for the good of the company.
  3. The mind mapping that the team was using was effective in expressing the previously hidden creative power of the team.

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