Mind As Well

Mind As Well

Too many or even ideas? ۔

Well, I know it could be a sentence, but it's the same or wrong if someone is joking.

The city dictionary says it's an alternative if you've got a fairly high turnout ... so what do you think?

Thoughts are also meaningless.

Only people who don't understand the phrase use it.

This shows the lack of education.

Like I said, for all the deeper purposes.

Thoughts too

It can People listen to other people and don't bother to put the saying in context and follow it, because for them it is what you say, not what you say.

Y / N, some of the people we answered earlier were quite deceived! Help or not, but don't stop.

No ghosts! It's just that people don't listen well. Some think it could be tangled with granite! Another misunderstood sentence!

Never heard of alcohol. In that case, trust your instincts.

It can

If they throw it away, they will understand that the mind has no meaning, nor has it been taken for any trivial purpose.


Hahaha, I just found out that people I've heard of have done the same!

Mind As Well