Definition of Mile:

  1. By a great amount or a long way.

  2. A very long way or a very great amount.

  3. A unit of linear measure equal to 1,760 yards (approximately 1.609 kilometres).A race extending over a mile.A Roman measure of 1,000 paces (approximately 1,620 yards).

  4. Traditional measure of distance now used only in the US and a few other countries. One mile equals 8 furlongs, 80 surveyors chains, 320 rods, 1760 yards, 5280 feet, or 1609.34 meters.

Synonyms of Mile

Preoccupied, Diverted, Inattentive, Vague, Absorbed, Engrossed, Abstracted, Distrait, Distant, Absent, Absent-minded, Faraway, A large amount, A fair amount, A good deal, A great deal, A deal, A great quantity, Quantities, An abundance, A wealth, A profusion, Plenty, Masses

Meaning of Mile & Mile Definition