Mijita Meaning

Mijita Meaning

What does Mijita mean?

Would you be interested if a guy told you about it?

Magita is a beautiful way to say baby or baby.

Mijita is a fast way to say Mi hijita, which literally means my girl, but is used so much by Spanish speakers that we call our loved ones Mejita (for women) or Magito (for men). We also use the word meja, or bajra, which means my daughter, my son.

He is thoughtful and accountable (in my opinion).

As a mother, and not necessarily a special person, I use the word as an expression of tenderness for someone like my son's friend. The context in which you use it is entirely optional. I was at the dealership and this guy tore my leg off so I said ha magito I can't! So I'm saying it's an insult, instead of saying goodbye, I don't agree. When I tell my children, I mean words of love.


Magita in Spanish is a term that almost translates to a kind term for my son. I have already told you that a boy is attracted to you, I think it can be considered an expression of love.

It's an acronym because mi hijita literally means my girl, but in Spanish it is used as a word to be filled with care and love by someone who tries to be gentle with her. does.

Mijita Meaning

Mijita Meaning

In Spanish it means Mi and Hijita.

Mi means I and Putri means girl.

That means my girl and she is used as a cute expression, even if you are not their daughter, to say girl is really cute.

dictionary definition:

My little princess

My sister But it is also used as a man says:

, Baby, (a little cute and comfortable)

She is my little girl = the original translation is my girl.

But in that case, it means my daughter.

Girl, I don't think my Spanish is that good.


Mijita Meaning