Midmonth Convention

Midmonth Convention,

Midmonth Convention:

  1. Midmonth Convention means, The rule is that some real estate assets, including immovable property, are treated as if they were used in the first half of the month in which they were used.

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Meanings of Convention:
  1. A general way of working, especially in certain areas or activities.

  2. Behavior is considered acceptable or polite by most members of the community.

  3. Certain issues between countries, especially agreements on treaties that are less formal than treaties.

  4. Large meetings or conferences, especially members of certain political parties or professions.

  5. Meeting of political party delegates (in the United States) to select candidates for election.

  6. A facility that has been developed by agreement to deal with some issues.

  7. An organized meeting of fans of television, cinema or literary genre.

  8. Artificial auction in which a bidder tries to hand over some information to his partner manually.

Sentences of Convention
  1. This person should learn the procedures, methods, conventions and standards of the software development cycle of the software industry.

  2. Break conventions and find world leaders.

  3. In the early 1940s, her editorial and advertising photography were in flagrant violation of the Fashion Convention.

  4. This is not a requirement, but is logical in accordance with the rules and conventions of international diplomacy.

  5. The newspaper's first priority seems to be to present information on the history of journalism conventions and archives that readers can trust.

  6. We need to know the technique, the convention and the quality.

  7. Contradictory data standards and trade agreements make this exchange difficult.

  8. The book is strange and wonderful, but it is also a playful principle aimed at the Times itself, its biggest star, and many journalistic conventions and hypocrisy.

  9. Regardless, the most advanced personal computing conventions began with the Mac and later moved to the IBM platform.

Synonyms of Convention

practice, habit, tradition, convention, routine, rule, rite, ritual, observance, ordinance, ceremony, ceremonial, usage, way, norm, accord, protocol, compact, pact, meeting, congress, assembly, gathering, summit, council of delegates, council of representatives