Middle manager

Middle manager,

Definition of Middle manager:

  1. A manager in an organization at a level between senior and junior managers.

  2. An employee of an organization or business who manages at least one subordinate level of managers, and reports to a higher level of managers within the organization. The duties of a middle manager typically include carrying out the strategic directives of upper-level managers at the operational level, supervising subordinate managers and employees to ensure smooth functioning of the enterprise.

How to use Middle manager in a sentence?

  1. Johnson, the middle manager of a large firm, had to report to his boss this morning that one of his subordinates was late to work for the third time this month.
  2. A memo was sent out this morning regarding the position opening for a middle manager , the salary and benefits were listed as well.
  3. I was the middle manager and I was proud of it too, because it meant i was in charge of other people.

Meaning of Middle manager & Middle manager Definition