Middle class

Middle class,

Definition of Middle class:

  1. Based on the middle class.

  2. Social groups belonging to the upper and working classes, including skilled and commercial workers and their families.

  3. The social class, usually made up of white-collar workers, sub-managers and small business owners, usually represents one-third of a country's workforce. The income of this class is higher than that of the working class, but lower than that of the upper middle class (doctors, engineers, lawyers, middle class businessmen) and the upper class.

  4. The middle class is the image given to people and families that is usually found in the social classification between the working class and the upper class. In Western culture, middle-class people are more likely to belong to the working class, have higher incomes and can own property. Middle class members are often employed as professionals, managers and government employees.

  5. The word middle can be misleading because it indicates that there is an average income for the distribution of income among the middle class, which cannot be the case. Middle-class families usually own their own homes (despite mortgages), own cars (despite loans or rent), send their children to college (despite student loans or scholarships), retirement Save and save enough to pay for luxuries like meals and vacations.

Synonyms of Middle class

The third estate, Toiling class, Middle order, Common run, Laborers, Commonage, Lower orders, Commons, Working class, Suburbia, The lower cut, Toilers, Peasantry, Commonalty, Commonality, Plain people, Common sort, Middle America, The other half, Common people, Silent majority, Small tradesmen, Fourth-rater, Tinhorn, No prize, Lumpen proletariat, Rank and file, Working people, Third-rater, Vulgus, Commoners, Second-rater, Ordinary people, Burgherdom, Nonentity, Lower classes, Middle orders, Upper middle class, Proletariat, Small potatoes, Plain folks, Bourgeoisie, Linendrapers, Lower middle class, Nothing special, Small beer, Nobody special, Shopkeepers, Mediocrity

How to use Middle class in a sentence?

  1. The middle class is the socio-economic layer between the working class and the upper class.
  2. My family consists of ordinary citizens in the United States, we go to work and we have enough money to live comfortably, but we do not have money to spend on luxuries.
  3. Urban population and the expansion of the middle class.
  4. Middle class suburbs
  5. He worked hard and saved a lot of his salary, but was unable to work outside the middle class.
  6. The middle class earns a lot by buying small luxury items, such as vacations and restaurants, but they also rely on loans to buy accessories such as houses and cars.
  7. The middle class represents a small part of America's population (approximately 52%), but it is still the smallest, having been in decline for almost half a century.
  8. Probably the most diverse, middle class of all American societies, because it includes a variety of incomes and occupations.

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