Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows,

Definition of Microsoft Windows:

  1. Operating system designed and produced by Microsoft Corporation. Similar to other operating systems, Windows makes a computer system user-friendly by providing a graphical display and organizing information so that it can be easily accessed. The operating system utilizes icons and tools that simplify the complex operations performed by computers. Estimates suggest that 90% of personal computers use the Windows operating system. Microsoft introduced the operating system in 1985 and it has continued to be widely used despite competition from Apples Macintosh operating system.

How to use Microsoft Windows in a sentence?

  1. When Jon got to his new desk he was relieved to see that his computer had Microsoft Windows , since that was the system he was most familiar with.
  2. Everyone in your office needs to be proficient with microsoft windows so that you all can use the same software.
  3. The software that was not malfunctioning was Microsoft Windows so the software engineer determined that additional software is the culprit.

Meaning of Microsoft Windows & Microsoft Windows Definition