Microondas Liga Mas Não Esquenta

Microondas Liga Mas Não Esquenta

Microwave on but nothing? 3

I am with a microwave friend in the ■■■■, I decided to ask them to give me some electronics and then keep the microwave that I have to check.

I know I know a little bit, is it a mistake or (magneto)

Low and high current lines, io capacitor, 2 Stables or diodes and finally io magneto, more or less the same in this short day in the same year tesílo the multiálo in its 2 connections tesílo the multiálo, but I think capacitor There is a thread inside. One problem is that the transformer throws 2000 V on the capacitor and gives up to 2 cc of the energy I see in the magnet.

My suspicion is that all this is already there until I give the board a look and the trigger of the door is also a problem like a magnet, like a multimeter number.

This component © a MAGNETRON chaa valve is responsible for transmitting our food like radar waves.

Never connect the microwave to an open door.

It always dissolves or disappears before meditation ends.

Always pull the wire before testing or replacing with a multimeter. Apply briefly to the 2 ends of a high voltage electrolytic builder, which can be at high voltage and can usually kill.

It is said that it is a absolute certainty that you will never be exposed or plugged in with half-separated electronics.

The best way to get MAGNETRON is in a non-ferrous condition.

Sometimes the magnetron oxidizes at the end of the alloy and prevents it from flowing.

But once again: take care of the microwave oven.


Microondas Liga Mas Não Esquenta

Microondas Liga Mas Não Esquenta

Im also home here.

Some part was burnt. Send The Way  to get or buy another. The cost of the concert will be approximately or a new price.

Microondas Liga Mas Não Esquenta