Micro Cap

Micro Cap,

What is Micro Cap?

  1. Microcap is a publicly traded company in the United States with a market capitalization of between $ 50 million and 300 300 million. Microcaps have more market capitalization than nanocaps and smaller, medium, large and smaller than megacaps. Companies with large market capitalization do not automatically have a higher price than companies with small market capitalization.

    • Microcap is a stock with a market value of between $ 50 million and 300 300 million.
    • Micro-cap stocks are more volatile and therefore naturally more risky than large cap stocks.
    • Information about microcaps is limited, which makes research very important to avoid fraudulent activities and other potential threats.
    • Another disadvantage of microcaps is the lack of coverage of analysts and institutional buyers.

  2. Definition of Micro Cap: In the United States, a small public trade company with a very low total value.

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